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Hey, do you have any good marauder/Jily ao3 fic recommends? Thank you xxx

i’ve had a look in my ao3 history etc, looks like most jily fics i read are on ffnet but i found a few for you:

that’s about all i could find (mainly because most ao3 jily fics are wolfstar-centric and i don’t really ship that much), let me know if there’s anything obvious i’ve missed! :)

Coffee Candy - Eisuke Ichinomiya

Summary: He owed her a lifelong debt. Little did she know that it all started with a piece of candy. Childhood friend AU.

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Pairing: MC/Eisuke

a/n: Man, it’s been a while since I wrote. School has been keeping me so busy, but I’m glad I managed to come up with this! I hope you guys enjoy it. This is for the otome contest 2015!


Eight years old.

               She had no idea how they became friends.

               She supposed it all started one day at school, when the teacher had been giving out candy as a reward for finishing the class play.  Luckily for her, she got a piece coffee candy, her most favorite one.

              Unwrapping the little treat, she was about to gobble up the sweet until she noticed someone sulking at the back of the classroom. She could feel the waves of Eisuke’s sullen mood from where she stood. The arrogant little heir was too pigheaded to participate in ‘stupid group activities’ like the class play, so he was the only one who didn’t get any candy.

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what the night does to the day


9062 words

Childhood best friends au!

He eyed Ian up again, and said, “You’re a Gallagher kid?”

Ian lifted his chin a little, though it did nothing to help with his height disadvantage. “Yeah. So?”

The boy just scoffed and started swinging again. “My brother told me not to hang out with the Gallagher kids.”

“You’re not. You’re only with one Gallagher kid,” he pointed out. Then added, “I’m Ian.”
I'm Sitting With You (and I'm Glowing) - ondoyant - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

When Louis meets Harry, everything is glowing.

The problem is that it just won’t stop.

I wrote adifferentkindofson birthday fic! I’ve never posted anything for this fandom before so ahhhhh! Happy birthday, beeb! You are so great and I’m so happy I am lucky enough to know you.
You Have (Not) Failed This 'Verse - Chapter 1 - So_Caffeinated (so_caffeinated) - Arrow (TV 2012), Firefly [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 7/?
Fandom: Arrow (TV 2012), Firefly
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, Sara Lance, Malcolm Reynolds, Zoe Washburne, Kaylee Frye, River Tam, Jayne Cobb, Simon Tam, Shepherd Book, Hoban “Wash” Washburne, Roy Harper
Additional Tags: warning: Jayne is sort of a prick, because he’s Jayne, Humor, Fandom Fusion, unbetaed, AU in so many ways, Arrow/Firefly crossover, because why not, there’s a strong possibility I might play more in this ‘verse, because there are so many possible fantastic character interactions I couldn’t get to

Sometimes a payday ain’t exactly what it seems.

Chapter 8 in A Matter of Time is up! (And yes, it has a new face.)

She whirled around right as he stopped behind her, hitting him in the face with one of her braids. She winced and looked apologetic, her cheeks flaming red as a smile stared to climb her face.

Peeta grinned from ear to ear, looking down at the now sopping wet box in his hands. He had started to squeeze it at some point, and the wrinkles showed under his fingers, stretching out across the box.

The box was ruined. How could he make hers special and it get ruined? It’s like the universe hated him. He looked up, an apology on his lips, but the look of excitement in her eye as she took in the box caused it to die on his lips.

“You didn’t really think I would forget about you?” He opened the box to reveal a vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting on the top, and a red icing ‘K’ in Peeta’s shaky hand the metaphorical cherry on top.

She took it delicately, holding it like it was something special and fragile. “Thank you,” she said softly, looking him in the eyes for the first time, and right then - he was sure of it now - he was a goner.

As she worked on the wrapper, she froze, looking up to him wide eyed before turning and running away.

He was about to call after her when he heard his mother call his name behind him, and he understood. Smiling for just a moment after the girl with two braids, he turned toward his mother. Her ranting and raving fading away as his mind filled with images of Katniss, and one echoing word. Someday.

Read it on FF and A03!

The games we play- Chapter 1


Pairing- Luke & Kat

Words- 2500+

Summary- Innocent and smart, Katherine is considered the outcast of her school but she has captured the interest of the only other outcast, Luke Hemmings.

“Okay guys it’s getting late and I think we finally have everything in order,” I tell everyone as I get to my feet and look round at the small group of people gathered in my sitting room.

“My parent’s will be back in an hour and I have to tidy up so let’s meet up again at lunch tomorrow and go over the last of the details?”

Everyone nods and I smile at them. They begin to pack up their textbooks, chatting away to each other as one by one they leave. All except one. I watch him in the corner as he slowly slides his tongue out over his lip ring, pushing his book in to his bag. He looks up, calm and collected as always. I didn’t want him here. I run a tutoring group for my history class and he was failing. The teacher promised me extra credit if I let him join the group but he had just sat for the last hour, taking no notes and staring me up and down every time I so much as moved. He intimidated me with his piercings and his rock band t-shirts. The one he was wearing just now was cut off at the sleeves and had the words “you complete mess” scrawled across it. I straightened my skirt, waiting for him to move or say something.

“Need a hand tidying up?” he asked, standing up. He is freakishly tall and his long thin legs are currently adorned by black, skin tight jeans with massive holes in the knees. I didn’t want to admit he was good looking because nobody that scruffy should be good looking and if my mother knew I was even looking at him right now she’d be furious.

“I can manage,” I reply, politely. Why does my voice shake so much when I speak to him? I start picking up the empty cans of cola. He still doesn’t make any indication that he plans to leave and when I look back he is biting down on his lower lips, his eyes on my backside. I gulp. I’ve never had a boy look at me like that before. At least not one as sexy and experienced as him.

I’d heard all the stories. Luke Hemmings was always with some girl or another and I once over heard two of them talking about how incredibly kinky he was in bed.

“Are you always so organised and disciplined?” he asks, helping me with the cans despite my assurance that I could manage.

“What do you mean?” I ask, turning and heading for the kitchen bin. He follows without hesitation.

“You know. Do you always do as your told?”

“Yes,” I reply.


“Because I do.”

It’s the lamest answer ever but it’s the only one I have.

“You never want to rebel a bit? Go against your word or do something just for fun?” He smirks. He leans past me and I stiffen as his arm brushes against my stomach. He smoothly drops the empty cans in the bin and straightens up but when he looks down at me there is a hint of amusement in his blue eyes.

“My mum would kill me,” I finally find my voice and reply to him.

He flicks his lip ring, moving it around slightly. He appears lost in thought.

“So it isn’t true what they say?”

I walk back towards the living room and he speaks as he troops after me.

“What who say? About what?” I ask, turning to face him.

“That girls like you secretly have a bad side?” he grins, mischievously.

“What?” I gulp.

“Oh come on,” he chuckles, “You telling me you’ve never thought about a guy f.ucking your brains out?”

I swallow though I have no idea how I manage too. My mouth is so dry.

“Hmm you have,” he decides, “See how flustered you are.”

He steps closer. I move back but the table stops my attempts to escape.

“Your cheeks are red, your heart is racing and under that skirt your clamping those milky thighs together to try and hold back your desire for me to touch you.”

“That’s a lie,” I tell him. Though he is one hundred percent accurate.

“You sure about that?” he smirks as he steps even closer. I attempt to move back again and the back of my knees hit off the coffee table. I stumble and Luke reaches out, snaking an arm around my waist, pulling me to him.

“If you can honestly say you haven’t thought about all the bad things I could do to you then I’ll leave right now.”

I gulp once more, my cheeks heating up.

“And if I have?” I answer, not sure where my wit is coming from right now.

“Then maybe I’ll show you just how bad I can be,” he grins, his tongue poking out between his teeth.

I try to find my words but they are lost, my focus is on his tongue and that damn lip ring. He closes his mouth in a smug smile and I know he can tell I want him. But I shouldn’t. This is so wrong. He’s Luke. He’s the guy who constantly gets detention and who is rumoured to have had sex with a girl behind the bins in the school yard. He’s good at one thing and that’s driving teenage girls completely mad with lust.

“I’ll take that as a yes. F.uck I’d love to get inside your head and see exactly what dirty fantasies you have about me.”

I turn crimson, a few running through my head.

“That naughty huh?” he grins, noticing my reaction.

He still hasn’t let me go. His face is inches from mine and I can’t tell if he is going to kiss me or rip my clothes off. He does neither. Instead he grabs my hand and pulls me upstairs.

“Which one is your room?” he asks. Looking at the doors.

“That one,” I point to my bedroom and for a split second I panic that he might head to my parents room instead but he simply tugs me in to my room and shuts the door. He lets go of my hand and strolls in to the centre of the room, looking around, curiously.

“Sit down,” he orders. Pointing to the bed. I should be sticking up for myself but I find myself wanting to do as he says and I perch myself on the side of my bed, watching him. He walks to my chest of drawers and pulls the top drawer open. I squirm, knowing what is in there. He rummages for a second then a low hiss comes from his throat.

“Bingo,” he chuckles, turning around with a tiny thong dangling from his index finger. I get up and rush for him, snatching it away and putting it back in the drawer, mortified.

“And who were you going to wear that for?” he teases.

I cringe even further, picturing myself in the bitsy black thing before him, turning, this gorgeous, punk specimen of a man, on.

“Me?” his eyebrows raise in surprise. How does he read my mind like that?

“F.uck Kat,” he shakes his head in awe, “That’s hot.”

I attempt to walk back over to the bed but he grabs my wrist and tugs me back to him.

“Do you think about me a lot?” he asks.

I slowly nod.

“What do you think about?” he asks.

I’m too embarrassed to answer that.

“My hands?” he guesses and I gasp as he slowly slides them up, over my breasts, above my blouse.

“Do you imagine me making your little nipples all hard with my fingers?” he teases. He slowly circles his fingers right over my nipples. I want to feel him properly, his skin on mine.

“Or is it my mouth you imagine?” he smirks, “Buried in your wet p.ussy? Soaking up your taste?”

I swallow. This should be so disturbing but instead I’m clamping my thighs together, strangely aroused by his filthy mouth. I stiffen as he lowers one hand, hitching my skirt up slightly. His fingers trail along the top of my thighs just above where my stockings end and I squirm. He smiles lazily down at me.

“Oh how easy you make this,” he chuckles.

He steps towards me, forcing me back until I’m against my bed again then he gives me a gentle shove and I fall back on the bed. He towers over me, looking down with amusement.

“Or maybe what you’re really desperate for is my d.ick?” he asks.

I gasp and he grins at my pathetic response.

“Is that right?” he queries, “Does Kat want me inside her tight little p.ussy? Filling her up and f.ucking her brains out?”

I cross my legs, feeling a tingling sensation through my crotch. I sit up, trying to gain some form of dominance but it fails dramatically.

“Oh you wanna watch me while I eat you out?” he nods. My eyes widen as he sinks to his knees in front of me. Surely he won’t really. I frown as he reaches for his own waist band. He slowly unloops his belt and I stare at him. What is he going to do with that?

“Lie up on the bed properly,” he demands. I do as I’m told, kicking my slippers off as I do. He climbs on the bed on top of me, one knee on either side of my thighs. God he looks so delicious up there, his crotch right above mine. I can’t help but look at it and I’m silently surprised to find that he is straining against his jeans. I guess talking dirty really turns him on.

He grabs my wrists and hoists them above my head.

“I’m going to tie you to the bed.”

He says it as a statement rather than a question but I still don’t argue. My interest is officially peaked and my courage is starting to come back. I may only get one chance with this boy and I want it to be better than I pictured. I want to drive him just as wild as he drives me. If not more. For now I wait while he ties my hands to the headboard and sits back, admiring his work.

“God you look hot like that,” he compliments.

“Now for your clothes,” he adds, reaching for the buttons on my blouse.

“What about your clothes?” I ask, finally finding my voice again.

“Oh They’ll be coming off later. Don’t you worry Kat I wont be leaving until I’ve had my fill. But first I want to watch your little body squirm under me.”

“I want that too,” I stun myself by replying, my voice low and needy. He laughs and I turn red once again.

“I’ll bet you do,” he smirks, “But you should know one thing first.”

“What?” I pant, already gagging for him.

“I don’t do slow,” he warns me, his eyes shining wickedly.

“I don’t want you to,” I confess.“

His eyes turn dark, his strong jaw slamming shut and he lifts his hands to the middle of my blouse and pulls. The buttons pop and roll on to the floor He can’t take it completely of because of my tied hands but he shoves it out the way so he can see my body. I’m wearing a purple lace bra and he doesn’t seem to have expected this. He growls appreciatively and I almost shriek when he lowers his head and violently runs his teeth up my body.

"Arch your back,” he bosses, talking in to my stomach. I do as he says and he slides his hands under my back. I feel him tug at my bra and he releases the clip in seconds. He pulls it up over my head and leaves it resting there.

“Holy f,uck,” he groans, looking down at my bare chest. He sits back and reaches out his hands, kneading them. His eyes screw shut and I notice him twitch down there. Oh my god he feels so good. His hands move around my breasts then he slowly pinches my nipples between his thumb and forefinger and I can’t help the small squeal that escapes my lips. His eyes open and he looks at me.

“Don’t hold back,” he insists, lowering his mouth to my nipples. Like I have a choice. Wow. I let out a low mewl as his lip ring brushes against my stiff nipple. He chuckles at my reaction, pleased with himself.

Slowly he moves to my other nipple and repeats the same circular kisses around it. I wriggle under him, unable to stay poised any longer. He knows what he is doing. He knows that every touch or every word he says is exciting me in ways I’ve never experienced and he is getting off on it.

He roughly kisses his way down my body then moves back again. He yanks my skirt down in one swift movement and lifts my legs to pull it right off.

“God I’ve thought about this moment for a long time,” he informs me, “Having control over your perfect little body. Showing your know it all self that you don’t know everything.”

“I’m not a know it all,” I stutter.

“No? Oh Miss Thompson please pick me. I know the answer!”
He does a very berating mimic of me. I glare at him.

“That sounds nothing like me.”

He shrugs in a don’t care kind of way.

“I knew you were just dying for it underneath that good girl persona of yours,” he tells me, “I knew you lay in bed at night wondering what it would be like to have a boys tongue in your p.ussy.”

I blush, not because his words are so dirty but because they are true. I’ve been curious about these things for years now.

“I like these,” he compliments, his tone changing as he gently pulls at the side of my panties.

His knuckle brushes against me slightly and I shudder. He doesn’t miss it. He roughly grips my knees and spreads them apart, one on either side of his hips. I squirm in anticipation. He pulls my pants down, leaving me completely nude before him. I want to hide but I can’t even move. I watch as he pulls my pants from round my ankle and my mouth falls open as he scrunches them up and lifts them to his nose, inhaling.

“Hope you taste as good as you smell,” he grins.

He doesn’t stop. With one swift move he slides back and lowers his head, his mouth right on my clitoris. I tug against my restraints, so completely aroused.

“Bloody hell Kat,” he gasps, “You’re soaking.”

I whimper as he kisses down my crotch then licks a strip up it. His lip ring feels so good against my skin. He isn’t gentle in the slightest but flicks his tongue furiously over my weak spot before bringing up a finger and roughly forcing it inside me. It doesn’t hurt like I expect it to. I swallow his finger, my arousal acting as natural lubricant.

He finally gets me to let go and scream when he opens his mouth wide then closes it and repeats this motion over my sex, over and over until I’m a wriggling, begging mess.

“Please Luke,” I moan.

I can feel this foreign wave rising inside the pit of my stomach, pushing to be released. He quickens his pace and my back arches off the bed as he shoves his tongue inside me, his top lip rubbing up and down my clit. The belt is digging in to my wrists as I pull against it.

A loud groan comes from my mouth as he grips my thighs, forcing his tongue in even deeper. I reach my height and spiral out of control. My body shuddering violently above him as I convulse. He sits up, leans back and wipes his lips on the back of his hand.

“You’re an easy girl to please,” he smiles, playfully, “Now let’s see if your good at pleasing others?”

My first fic in…7 years? I’m not a fic writing gal. Enjoy? And please reblog if you do.


      When Alcor feels the pull of a summoning for the first time in weeks, it’s hilariously weak. No candles, no sacrifice, a circle that’s more of a scribble, and some painfully mangled Latin combine to make a call that almost slips by him and he’s extremely reluctant to answer. Not because he thinks he won’t get much out of it— though he’s sure that’s the case— more for the affront of it. This person tries to summon Alcor the Dreambender and can’t even put in the effort to light some tea candles or something? Yet expects it to work?

    He can feel the will of the summoner though, and that, that is surprisingly strong. It almost makes up for the rest of the horrible summon. Almost.

    On any other day he’d ignore it, but he’s been going through a dry spell lately in terms of people summoning him, and that’s left him hopelessly, intolerably bored. If anything, he can pop in to see whoever was incompetent enough to use Alcor me te phonem as the first words in their incantation and por favorus as their last, and laugh, flagrantly and unapologetically, in their face.

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1958: Root beer floats and madras plaid, motor oil and Lucky Strikes. The city of Chicago, presided over by palm-greasing Senator Louis “Commodore” Kaestner, is being torn in two directions by the silver-spoon “Socs,” led by Golden Boy Jimmy Kaestner, and the “Greasers,” a crew as unyielding and dangerous as the switchblades the Capone boys notoriously favor. They see themselves as worlds apart, but the divisions aren’t as stark as they seem. And in the back-alley world of speed, sex, and street races, the tension is palpable—the collision, inevitable.  

A new collaboration from boardwalkempress & harrowtwins. Coming soon.

[Submission] Title: Sugar Daddy

Author: KaiyahKiyowo

Length:Two Shot + Sequel

Status: Completed

Rating: M

Genre:  Smut, Romance, AU

Summary:  Baekhyun is a 16 year old spoiled brat with expensive taste and a high class budget. His parents are filthy rich but know the meaning behind earning a dollar. When his sassy attitude gets the better of him on his 17th birthday the hand that holds the money clip is cut off. Baekhyun is stuck with a a fancy house and master bedroom but his spoiled lifestyle is gone.

While surfing on the internet in boredom he finds a website called

Reason for submitting: Because Baekyeol+ Age gap+ Diva Baek + Snobby Chanyeol is heaven.


Woozi Fic 28

i dont know it feels like it took me so long to post it XD upon request this fic goes out to hachiro-hana THANK YOU AND YOURE AWESOME XD so this is a little different from my typical fluff pieces in that theres more…conflict, i guess. you’ll see XD yeah new for me so i hope you guys like it!!

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom real quick,” Woozi says. He kisses your head and slides out of the booth. “Be right back.”

“Okay,” you smile at him. You watch his cute back as he strolls away.

“Should I get soup or rice?” Hoshi asks, glaring down his menu.

You look across the table and nod your head up. “It’s hot outside. Rice would be better.”

He scrunches his face and tilts his head. “But soup sounds good for some reason. Like I’m craving soup.”

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The first time she falls, his heart stops.

He knew mages were fragile (it was one of the first things he was taught - mages aren’t built to be close-range fighters, and a templar can exploit that), but somehow, she’d convinced him otherwise. Maybe it was the armour. Maybe it was the dagger. Maybe it was her persistence, her patience, her sometimes frightening silence. Whatever it was, it must have made him complacent.

They’re in Redcliffe Castle, and between the dead villagers trying to gut them and the unpleasant memories this place stirs up, he’s been a little distracted. He doesn’t see what gets past her guard, though he sees Leliana take down a corpse with just a little too much relish afterwards. He just sees his fellow Warden fall.

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[Submission] Title: The Diary of Chanbaek: Protecting You

Author: alitalitha

Length: One Shot

Status: Completed

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Baekhyun was tired and miss the old times when EXO had 12 members. Chanyeol tried to protect him but Baekhyun didn’t realize until he read a news article stated, “[★TRENDING] EXO’s Chanyeol praised for protecting Baekhyun at the airport”!


Reason for submitting: my very first attempt writing a fanfic. pls have a read! >//<


Fic: Untitled

“You played amazing, Balth!” Ben tripped up where the rug of the shop met the wood floor of the staging area. Beatrice hauled him up straight and shot Balthazar an apologetic smile.

“Hah, thanks,” Balthazar ducked his head. It had been a good gig. A really good gig. He couldn’t quite just wrap his mind around it yet.

“Tell Pedro we’re taking you both for chips, yeah?” Ben didn’t look like he could take anyone anywhere, if Balth was being honest. His friend looked exhausted- bags under his eyes with his girlfriend practically holding him up and wait-

Balthazar looked up from his guitar case. “Huh? Pedro?”

“Pedro. About this high.” Beatrice held up her hand. “Remember him?” She looked past Balthazar. “Was he not behind stage with you?”

“I haven’t seen him all morning,” Balthazar said, slowly, delicately, more for his benefit than theirs, trying to ignore the voice in his head. Pedro wasn’t there. Pedro hadn’t shown up to his gig.

Men have always been deceivers.

“Balth! I’m really sorry, Ben and I were editing into the morning and I crashed there and then by the time I dragged myself back to the house, I just-”

“It’s all right.” Balthazar had to focus on his smile. Just the right smile that swore that the situation was ‘okay’ and ‘not a big deal’ instead of the one that read false.

Men have always been deceivers, he thought to himself with a twisted sense of irony, as he assured Pedro that it was fine, that he’d have other gigs, that they would eventually talk.

What Happened In Vegas .36

I apologize for the long wait. I’m really sorry. I hope to make up for it with this chapter that’s supposed to let us all take a deep breath. Please know that your never-ending awesomeness rocks my world. I can’t thank you enough for the continued support and love you’re sending my way. You’re amazing. Thank you.

Albiona, you make me see (mostly green) rainbows. Thank you.

April 11th, 2013

Eternity lasted twenty minutes—plus/minus a few minutes.

Sitting in that booth at Big Belly Burger had felt like forever, much longer than it had actually been. It had also been horrible, sure, but mostly it had been an eye-opener. Witnessing Thea being confronted with the gun-swinging robber had made Felicity see her sister-in-law pretty clearly. The way her hands shook, the wild look in her eyes, the strained aggressiveness, the wiggly tension—all of that combined to clear signs of withdrawal. As much as Felicity wished she could pretend differently, there was no way around the truth. Thea needed help, professional help, better help than she or Oliver or Moira or anybody who cared about her could give her.

The mission today was to get Thea what she needed.

The heaviness in her bones proved that Felicity needed this mission as much as her sister-in-law did. She hadn’t found any sleep last night. Worried thoughts had kept her awake, had caused her to toss and turn in her bed until Oliver had popped up on his elbow next to her and demanded she talked to him.

The result had been a rambled mess revolving around Thea being addicted and John breaking his own heart.

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Adoribull Prompt Sunday - mischief managed

Harry Potter AU yo Dorian is sweet seventeeeeeen


“I can’t believe you talked me into this.” Dorian grumbles, stuck between the marble wall and Bull. Their stomachs are actually pressing together and it would be impressive how stuck they are if they weren’t, you know, actually stuck.

Bull sighs, mumbles something that Dorian doesn’t quite catch.

It’s past midnight and they really shouldn’t be walking through the halls, much less between walls when any of the ghosts loitering around can catch them by accident. By ghosts Dorian means specifically Peeves, who has been targeting Dorian for some reason excessively this week. The Baron had to intervene two times already and Dorian sincerely hopes it keeps him away.

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- ¿Dónde crees que vas?
- Ella es mi hermana. Debo hacer algo
- Naruto dijo que no fueras. Tu hermana solo era un señuelo para atraerte.
- No puedo quedarme sin hacer nada. Es mi responsabilidad como hermana mayor.
- No eres rival para ellos. Solo serás un estorbo.
- ¡Tú no lo entiendes…!, no puedo…
- ¡Eres tú quien no entiende!. Lo perderás todo, no volverás a ver a nadie de nuevo! No sabes lo que es perder…
- …Por eso mismo… Porque no quiero perder a mis seres queridos, me arriesgare.
- …Has lo que quieras. Ve a morir.
- …Gracias por todo Sasuke-kun. Creo que me hecho un poco más fuerte gracias a ti.

- The Last [SasuHina Two-shot]

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Happy birthday, Bakagami!

A/N: Ah, this is so late!!! I was supposed to post this earlier in the day but things happened. But, anyway, happy belated birthday to my baby tiger!!!


Taiga was feeling a little disappointed, really.

Kuroko and the rest of his team only just left his apartment not ten minutes ago, and Taiga was supposed to feel elated because this year he got to spend his birthday with friends, opposed to hanging out alone like he had last year. He’d even gotten a few gifts, and Mitobe had been kind enough to bake him a cake.

But, looking at his phone and seeing he had no missed calls or messages, the redhead couldn’t help but feel slightly melancholy. Because he had hoped he’d at least get a text message saying ‘happy b-day!’ from a certain someone. This “certain someone” being Aomine Daiki.

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The Bet

Word Count: 1,164

Summary: Basically an AU where Kurt and Blaine never got together in high school, and now, a year or two later, Santana and Kurt make a bet that ends in Kurt having to make out with Blaine

Kurt was fuming. Santana. He could not believe she convinced him to take a bet that involved him hooking up with Blaine if he lost. It wasn’t even that he didn’t want to hook up with Blaine, it was just. Things would get really awkward, really fast if he managed it only to find out Blaine didn’t like him back. They lived in the same apartment for god sake. All the rules about this type of stuff might focus on not dating or hooking up with your hall mates, but that did not mean getting with one of your roommates was an acceptable option.

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Number 8 Destiel please <33

“Wanna bet?”

Dean was never one to back down from a challenge, so when Cas said “You are not putting that ice cube down my shirt” he should have known this would be his response. Cas ducked and ran around the island counter, grabbing a wooden spoon to defend himself. With a grin, Dean dove over the counter, grabbing for Cas’ shirt and getting a light whack of the spoon against his shoulder.

“Oh, you’re really gonna get it now,” Dean laughed, chasing Cas through the house. He tackled him next to the couch, rolling on the floor for a few minutes before managing to stuff the partially melted cube down the back of Cas’ pants. He squealed, digging it out and tossing it across the room.

They lay there panting for a few minutes, wrapped in each other’s arms, then Cas turned to him with a smug smile, “Told you the ice wasn’t going in my shirt.”

Dean narrowed his eyes, realizing the mistake he made. “The next one will,” he said, heading for the kitchen as Cas’ made a run for the bedroom.