Oz+ Chapter 1, Part 2: WE LOVE WIZARDS

Hello again, fellow swamp-lovers! Here’s a quick update to get me back into the rhythm of things. We’re back with the Wicked Wizard of the West, and back at the question that we left with last time: WHY THE HECK ARE WE DATING THIS RUDE FANCY MAN?

Reader input was fairly, emphatically certain on this point: because he’s a wizard. We are really, really into wizards, my friends. Can’t get enough of those wizards.


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1. a fib; petty lie. 

2. pretentious nonsense.

Etymology: origin unknown, diddle is though to be from dialectal duddle, “to trick” (16th century), “to totter” (17th century); perhaps influenced by the name of the swindling character Jeremy Diddler in Kenney’s Raising the Wind (1803). Meaning “to have sex with” is from the 19th century; “to masturbate” is from the 1950s.

[Pawel Kuczynski]


Here are two covers I made for Adam Shaughnessy’s The Unbelievable FIB series (published by Algonquin). I loved reading the stories- they are full of adventure, heart, and both Norse and Russian mythology! I’ve also included my thumbnail sketches for both books- there was so much amazing imagery to choose from- very inspiring.

Book 1 is currently available as a hardcover (with a different cover) but both of these will be available later this year.

Thanks to Carla Weise and Laura Williams for their direction!

highheelshockeyskates  asked:

Do you have any tips on how to have your lipstick not rub off on the food you're eating or the person you're kissing or anything else that may come in contact with your mouth?

oh man, this is a very tricky question. i have a few solutions, but none of them are perfect (unfortunately). 

1) try a long-stay lipstick. some of them are pretty tough and can outlast even, like, ice cream, but ymmv.

2) primers! NYX has pretty good lip primers, as does urban decay, and i think they are both cruelty-free. double check that, though.

3) lip liner! lip liner is especially good if you, like me, have the problem of lipstick bleeding outside the lines of your lips (this happens to me a lot with my purples, for some reason). lip liner helps keep it where it belongs. (i use lip liner the color of my lips, or the color of the lipstick, but you can also choose different colors if u wanna get crazy.)

4) make sure make sure make sure to blot your lips after you apply. i think about it like this: you know when you put nailpolish on too thick and like 4 minutes into your day it starts peeling? same principle. you want just enough to get the full effect of the color, but not too much that it rubs right off. after i blot, sometimes i sort of dab lipstick back on in places where it looks uneven.

sorry i don’t have anything more concrete for you! anyone who has better advice please feel free to reblog & add.