Being pregnant, so far

Cried over a gifset. Yep, hormonal.
Seriously though! It broke my heart! And it was a cartoon!

Also took two or three naps today (I know exactly how many but I like the vagueness of “or”). Exhausted.

Got super irritated with Jake for a now unknown reason. And I’m sure it wasn’t a good reason. I remember the good reasons. :p Hello, mood swings.

Ate all the things and got sick from all the things, except chocolate covered pretzels. And water. Mm. Water tastes soooo good right now.


The fun part about all these symptoms is that they could be fibro related OR pregnancy related OR both! Lucky me! *grins*

Only five weeks along and I’m already a little bit terrified of how big I might get. I’m not showing yet, obviously, but now that I am pregnant it’s starting to really hit me that this baby is only coming out one of a very limited few ways. I mean, duh, I knew that BEFORE, but I know it better now. And I knew before that I was going to someday become that nine months pregnant lady… but now there are concrete dates for such things and it’s WIERD. It’s like being in a waking dream.

Every morning when I get up, I think, “It’s real. I’m really pregnant and there is really a baby growing inside me.” But I’m not sure how much it’s actually hit me. Or at least, I wasn’t until I started getting pummeled by symptoms today. :p

Time for this pregnant lady to sleep again!


Cause I know you were worried. ;)

Checked into the hospital Friday. I had been throwing up everything for days and I was so dehydrated I was starting to pass out just moving around. Plus the migraine I’d had for seven days was so intense I really thought I might be dying. I’ve never had a headache so bad in my life.

I was so out of it I don’t remember much about how I got to the hospital. Apparently I collapsed in maternity triage. I got two and a half full bags of fluid before I felt somewhat normal. Threw up crackers and water and then had a consult with the doctor about keeping food down. He prescribed me some new meds.

I went home and the headache/migraine intensified. Just moving triggered it to worsen. Called my doctor crying and she prescribed a pregnancy safe migraine med and oh my gosh I feel like a real girl again. I can function at a better level! Yay!

Yesterday was miles better. I only had jello, chicken broth and ginger beer but I kept everything down! And NO headaches!

(We also moved to Jake’s parents yesterday. That was an adventure.)

So I’m feeling hopeful that my symptoms can finally be managed! I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I probably will throw up the whole pregnancy, but knowing there’s some relief is a huge weight off my shoulders. I’ve felt like a shell for months.

And raptor is great! Wiggly! It took a very nerve wracking three minutes to find his heartbeat and when we did it was not a loud as usual but the L&D nurse said that’s normal at this stage. The heartbeat was steady and strong though!

Next appointment is in two weeks and we’ll have an ultrasound then.

Four months/16 weeks as of Thursday past! ❤️