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Hi there,
So recently I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Can I just say it sucks, and on a slightly random note, I had my first virus with Fibromyalgia and can I just say that was a really fun new experience, my mum nearly took me to the hospital a couple of times but I couldn’t actually get out of bed to get there. So in bed feeling like death I stayed.

Back to the point of this post, I sort of wanted to reach out to the Fibro community that seems to be out there, so if anyone is a Fibro sufferer send a message my way. I’d really like any tips or anything that anyone has on dealing with Fibromyalgia.

I’m especially really wanting to talk to anyone that is really physical or an athlete/dancer. I’m a full time dancer and having fibro is, as you would probably know not exactly helpful.

Last one I promise, I was wondering if other Fibro sufferers get a lot of muscle spasms and cramps? Because they seem to be my most common/worst symptom.

If you’ve got a spare moment I’d love to hear from you!!


anonymous asked:

how would Reborn even find out that Tsuna's chronically ill, would he put it together himself or just get slapped in the face with it?

if it’s on his medical records that reborn somehow got his hands on, that would probably do it. (again, probably illegal, please don’t do this at home.)

most of my, uh.. chatlog snippets have tsuna being pretty open about it (at least about the fatigue / some sort of invisible illness), but fibro is a lot more about the ‘all over pain’ too which i don’t think tsuna talks as much about. fatigue can be caused by quite a few things, like stress (have i said this in a previous post yet?? i cannot recall), so i’m rather thinking that reborn is aware of tsuna’s constant fatigue, lack of ambition / motivation / unwillingness to go out and maybe assumes tsuna’s just stressed or In His Teenage Phase, he just needs Motivation and A Bit Of Asskicking into gear and i’m sure it Does Help? a little? if nothing else, the activity and light exercise helps. ‘light’ exercise. haha.

at some point the topic would have to be brought up but i haven’t the know-how to say exactly how. if tsuna’s at all comfortable talking about it to a sudden stranger. maybe something like reborn getting nosy when tsuna refuses to go to school one day and nana doesn’t say anything about. that sounds like it’d be very exhausting for tsuna though. i don’t know what i’d be comfortable going with for The Big Reveal. if reborn has background knowledge of fibro or chronic pain / fatigue in general that would probably help. maybe being in a baby body low key aches all the time and he’s taking it out on other people, who knows.

either way way i would not want to put the onus on tsuna to do the explaining, i feel like he would just be Really Bad at that kind of thing given his experiences with teachers at school. maybe he says a little about it and reborn finds out the rest on his own?

does iemitsu know?? maybe?? does iemitsu think it’s a big deal? does he think feeding tsuna booze will help with his aches? iemitsu, stop, you terrible person.

reborn: why didn’t you tell me about your son’s illness?
iemitsu: his what?
reborn: his. illness. he. is. chronically. ill. does nono know this? we can’t have a boss that’s sick.
iemitsu: that’s rude, reborn. my son is perfectly fine.
tsuna: please don’t hug me, i’m extra achy today.
iemitsu: *gently grasping tsuna’s stiff shoulders instead* my absolutely adorable perfectly fine son
reborn: i suppose it’s a blessing tsuna didn’t turn out like you.

what my family thinks fibro is: joint pain and a bit of drowsiness

what it actually is, for me: joint pain, muscle pain, headaches, restless legs and arms, an always uncomfortable body, irritable bowel syndrome, debilitating fatigue, lack of sleep or sleeping too much and still being exhausted, sensitivity to some noises and lights, sensitive skin, constantly clicking joints, nausea