FCoE vs 10GbE+iSCSI、どちらが速い? ネットアップとブロケードが共同検証 - Publickey

セッションでは、FCoE(Fibre Channelのストレージエリアネットワーク(SAN)と同等の機能をイーサネット上で実現するFibre Channel over Ethernet)を用いることでサーバ、ネットワーク、ストレージの統合が可能になり、性能、リソース、コストの面でもメリットがあるとまとめられています(SFPではなくTwinaxにすると安くなる、という豆知識も紹介されていました)。


SAN Storage at 1/5th the cost of Fibrechannel or ISCSI.

EMC XtremeI/O All Flash Appliance First Look

Attended a Pre-Release Event of the EMC XtremIO appliance.  6U, 750Watts, 150k IOPS minimum for less than $1.75/IOP.  (8) 8GB FC, (8) 10Gb iSCSI.  Global Inline 4k De-Dupe for Zero Foot Print VMware Clones.

Ability to have 1.2 Million IOPS in a single cabinet with over 400TB of Uncompressed data in 2 floor tiles and less than 5600 watts is amazing.

All of EMC World vLabs (10,000) will be running off (1) XtremIO cluster.  Nothing like eating your own dog food in the most demanding environment for EMC.

Performance and Stability

This was a slogan our $customer has been using for awhile now, referring to a renewed focus on these two. Involved with the customers SAN, I wrote a script to readout all the port error statistics of their FC switches. A poor mans approach, but at the time a stop gap measure until more suitable monitoring solution would be implemented.

The gist of it was to loop through a list of switches and run this command:

Don’t run this command on your Brocade switches firmware 6.4.3/7.0:

portstatsshow -i 0-128 -f

The command parameters are interesting. You provide a range of ports using -i and then use -f to filter the non-existent posts. So switches with only 24 ports won’t complain that the range is too large.

Using this command on  firmware 6.4.3/7.0 caused a kernel panic on one of our switches. Oddly some were immune despite running the affected firmware versions.

Brocade knows of this issue and fixed it in 7.1, but not in any 6.4.x series firmware.


Software ‘verify’ error detected when portstatsshow was executed with invalid index (999) and the -f option

It is fixed in the next major release ( 7.1.x)

So there you have it. It’s painful that a command to keep an eye on your SAN’s health, can actually cause major problems.