fibre space

September 17, 2011

Would you like a free white chocolate chip cookie with your coffee? – Staff

#251 cup of coffee:  The Butcher’s Block, Alexandria, VA

Coffee = Santa Lucia

1-4 scale, body=3, sweetness=3, acidity= 3

I stopped here earlier in the year, and I don’t remember coffee available near the cash register.  However, when I came in to buy chocolate I internally jumped up and down for joy when I saw the coffee carafe.  I could complete another coffee adventure before I travelled home.  

Even though the shop is small, the interior colors, and the butcher block tables create a look of potential.

This coffee adventure was a great ending to what was almost a very frustrating yarn experience.  I signed up for a class at Fibre Space to knit a sweater.  My plan today was to complete as many coffee adventures as possible, and then to finish in Alexandria to buy yarn for the class. 

When I asked a Fibre Space staff for yarn suggestions she directed me to the brand of yarn used to create the pattern.  There was no way I would wear; it was the scratchy stuff that squashed any fun of any knitting experience.  I spent a good amount of money on the class, and I almost gave up because the yarn colors were unappealing, and the yarn texture repulsed me.  Another staff asked if all was ok, and I told her my dilemma.  Unbeknownst to me she was the teacher of my class.  She recommended yarns that fit the requirements for the class, but were spun in colors I would wear, and easier on my skin to knit.  All of a sudden the class became a shining star at the end of the year.