Too hungry, too soon after drinking smoothies? Oats might do the trick

We know what you’re thinking. Don’t expect there to be little tiny oat bits swimming around your smoothie. The trick is to pulse the oats first before you add the other ingredients, so that it disperses evenly throughout the drink. Oats lend a thicker consistency and give your smoothie a boost of fibre. You’ll stay fuller for longer and last through morning lectures or meetings without your stomach rumbling as loud as a volcano. 

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Only for the Crochet?

Hello lovely peeps.  Recently I received a question from a follower asking me why I have been posting more knitting links between my crochet posts. This blog did start as a crochet blog because that’s what I loved doing. Over the years that I’ve been blogging you will have noticed that I have taught myself to dye fibre, spin and make my own yarn, weave, and eventually knit my own handspun.  This iteration of crafting interest has meant that my blog has changed slightly to mirror these interests. That is why there is a little more knitting-love in my posts.  I love everything about yarn, fibre, wool, weaving, knitting and crochet!  What do you think?  Are you happy seeing a range of fibre posts on my blog, or are you here only for the Crochet?  I’d love to know.

Much love Claire x



I was inspired by the Greek myth of Persephone’s abduction.

This costume is made up of four pieces: Bodice, cloak, skirt and boot (not pictured). All nuno felted. On the back of the cloak I felted the Japanese character for ‘spring’.

Materials used: Hand dyed silk organza, silk gauze and silk chiffon. Commercially dyed corridale fibre, natural alpaca, silk fibre, rayon yarn and jade beads.


Teal wool reclaimed from a thrift-store sweater, fuzzy sea-green acrylic, blue crochet cotton, and one of my favorite yarns, a thick-and-thin white cotton.

You guys, I really really like this one. Not the overall look of the piece, really, but the intricacies of it- the knotting and stitching and layering, the practice in couching of a sort. It was an exercise in technique- a technique that I’ll be making use of in the larger piece I’m just starting.

The need for a derived perspective can be stated with one picture.

[T]wo maps are drawn to the two-sphere →S² . One is defined on the wedge sum S²∨S¹→ and maps the to a point. The other is defined on the closed disk D²→ and maps the boundary circle to a point. [T]he homology of the fiber for both of these maps [cannot] tell them apart.

The derived category is the universal solution to this problem, as well as many others.

—Justin Curry & Robert Macpherson


Finished with this fiber sketch! Reminiscent of lush moss.

There are a lot of different fibers in there- acrylic, wool, cotton, silk, and I think bamboo rayon? The piece is about 10 inches long and 7 or 8 inches wide, and would look best mounted in a shadowbox or on some nice matboard.

It’ll be up on my Etsy shop soon, but PM me if you’re interested in it. I’m potentially interested in doing art swaps if any of y’all would be up for it!