fibonacci squence

anonymous asked:

Hey, Elise I've had a pretty trying day and the last couple of weeks have been hell for me so I was wondering if I could have some Jehan headcanons, any that you like or maybe some to do with their plants. I'm not really picky haha :) I love your blog btw and have a great week!!

  • Jehan has so.many.plants! You know the cliché of “getting out of the pet shop with a new pet each time”? It’s exactly that every time Jehan goes to the flower shop
  • Even the kitchen has ivy running freely along the walls. God forbids their landlord finds out
  • Jehan likes to accesorize their babies wih fairy lights or googly eyes or coloured pebbles, depending on the season
  • It’s really weird to step into their apartment and being stared at by half a dozen googly eyes
  • They also give lots of plants to their friends because!! Plants are good! They give Enjolras cacti and succulents, because they don’t require much care and they know Enjolras often forgets to hydrate his own body, let alone watering a plant. They give Combeferre the cool plants that follow the fibonacci squence, the medicinal and air clensing ones to Joly…
  • They have all the lil gardening gadgets, like the watering cloud that sheds water regularly
  • They have a whooping total of 56 plants and flowers in their apartment
  • All the plants are named after poets and authors
  • Byron is especially demanding, a real diva and likes to grow over its neighbours
  • Poe always looks like its dying but somehow thrives???