soo.. I’m entering Fibi into a contest for @piligy ‘s comic, eerie!! 

this is Fibi, she is a 26 yr old female pansexual with black eyes. (don’t worry she’s still 100% human) 

- a sass and prank master

- loves scaring people with her eyes (especially during october)

-now only outgoing if she’s alone or with friends/family

-loves kids and the night/dark

-hates it when people mention her eyes on a regular basis or stares

-wears sunglasses all the time

- can defend herself very well, but isn’t the best at attacking (still tries)

-constantly wishes she had money to get eye transplants

- (mostly) optimistic and determined

-used to be a professional dancer

-loves to travel and sew

quick backstory to why her eyes are like that under the cut

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The Big Sleep: Suspended Animation Breaks Out of Sci-Fi

by Frank Swain, Mosaic Science

Imagine it: you have been rushed into the emergency room and you are dying. Your injuries are too severe for the surgeons to repair in time. Your blood hemorrhages unseen from ruptured vessels. The loss of that blood is starving your organs of vital nutrients and oxygen. You are entering cardiac arrest.

But this is not the end. A decision is made: tubes are connected, machines whir into life, pumps shuffle back and forth. Ice-cold fluid flows through your veins, chilling them. Eventually, your heart stops beating, your lungs no longer draw breath. Your frigid body remains there, balanced on the knife-edge of life and death, neither fully one nor the other, as if frozen in time.

The surgeons continue their work, clamping, suturing, repairing. Then the pumps stir into life, coursing warm blood back into your body. You will be resuscitated. And, if all goes well, you will live.

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