fiber sculptures


I made this for a 3 day music festival called Rising Sun Rock Festival held every summer near my hometown in Hokkaido. There’s a lot to be improved but I think it turned out great considering I only had 3 days to work on and I’d never done an installation this big!

I’ve always wanted to make a trippy ass thread sculpture for a festival so yaaaay! Hope people enjoyed this!


unfurl, 2017

knotted sculptural tapesty, wool and cotton fibers

14" high x 12" wide   

after a long break in the spring and slowly getting back to it over the last several months, this piece is done (not mounted, but done). i love it more than i expected to, especially since i was struggling to get back to it. i thought maybe something was wrong with it. but i just needed time off. now i’m ready to get so busy again, y'all!