fiber photography

“Rosie’s Selfie” by Vicky Lord of Dunwoody, Georgia. Winner of an HonorableMention ribbon for Art Quilts.

Taken from an uncopyrighted picture of a rare crested macaque, she chose bold pinks for her palette, and decided she looked like a ‘Rosie.’

This picture (and several others) have been part of a copyright controversy since they emerged. Naruto, a rare crested macaque monkey who lives in the Tangkoko Reserve on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, picked up David Slater’s camera and snapped the now-famous Minnewanka at Banff National Park in Canada.

The photos have been everywhere on the Internet, as several courts have maintained that since the primate took the picture, David Slater did not own the copyright.

Photo taken at QuiltFest Jacksonville, 2017.