fiber friends

  • Me: Robert is such a good character. His route is possibly the best in the entire game, simply with how it handles his character, and gives an unexpected but amazing ending at the same time. I think it's no contest who my favorite dad i-
  • Craig, passing me during his casual jog: Hey bro!
  • Me, keeling over as I clench my chest: FUCK...
Workout Tip #7

Okay this one isn’t really a “workout” tip, its more of a health tip.


Whole grains, fruit, vegetables and other complex carbohydrates are good sources of fiber.

Fiber functions to:
-keep you full for longer by slowing digestion
-maintain blood glucose levels by binding to and slowing the absorption of sugars (this is very good for people with diabetes!!)
-regulate bowel movements

Another benefit is that fiber is very, very low in calories. At first it was thought that the caloric value of fiber was 0, but recent research has shown that soluble fiber can be digested by bacteria in the colon, giving it a value of 2kcal/g.

omeggs  asked:


Every fiber of my entire being resonates with “I love my friends”

Do you ever miss someone so much that you can feel it with every fiber of your being? Either you miss the presence of the person or you simply miss the memories involved. I can say both. Every fiber of their DNA, each neurotransmitter in their brain, every molecule, and breath they releaseโ€ฆ I’m enticed completely. I miss everything about you and I never could replace that void. Billions of people but, no one can take your place. You may not be blood, but Iโ€™m sure heaven made a mistake.
—  A.k
The most important people in my life remind me of:
  • Aries: Going to the movies, getting ready for a night out. The first day of spring, growing older, bright smiles. Aimless walks on summer evenings, first crushes, concerts, airports. The color red. Courage and daring. Long phone calls, overexcited text messages and uncontrollable laughter.
  • Taurus: Security, integrity and honesty. Long, warm hugs and soft skin. Helpful guidance, fancy lotions and nice perfumes. Comfortable clothes, subtle strength and good food. Bare feet in green grass, long books, thoughtfulness and unaware beauty.
  • Gemini: Fun parties, happy dancing, fruity drinks. Intelligence, determination and femininity. Shared frustration in between self-aware giggles. Kindness and gut. Bad TV shows, sunglasses and romantic comedies.
  • Leo: Summer, sunburned grass, talking for hours. Homemade rye bread, teenage boy band obsessions and total comfortableness. Unimpressed beauty, unwavering protectiveness. The colors orange and olive green.
  • Scorpio: Old music, cheesy jokes and kind eyes. The best laugh in the world. Crime dramas, fresh air and falling asleep in front of the TV. Helpfulness and the color blue. Reading fairytales aloud. New projects and clever solutions.
  • Capricorn: Comfortable silence, random facts and weird humor. Strange movies and strange music. Knowledge, modesty and surprisingly helpful advice. Respect. Gentle and loving. Chocolate and soda, lazy and rainy Sunday afternoons in front of the TV.
  • Aquarius: Dark green forests, silly pointless youtube videos, humble intelligence. Music that’s loud, but peaceful. Travelling to new countries. The sound and smell of rain, comfy sweaters, bright stars on a dark sky, arrows, earnest sweetness and support. A really good cup of tea.
  • Pisces: True emotions, long eye-lashes and tanned skin. T-shirts from the 90’s, matching mom-made dresses and red Velcro shoes. Naps on the couch and mixed candy from the local store. Gumption. Sharing your secrets. Always understanding.