Machines Braiding Rope


I finished knitting my sweater last night!!! Guys, seriously though, knitting is changing me in all of the best ways. I’m learning so much about using my hands and slowing down and putting magic into things. I’m learning about the potential of in-between moments like sitting in the passenger seat of a car or watching a movie on my couch or waiting for an appointment to start. It’s making me a better artist and is inspiring me to draw more. I’m learning about forgiveness and starting over and taking things one step at a time. I cast this sweater off exactly a month after I cast it on, with the smell of rosemary from my mom’s garden on my hands and with a lot of love in my heart. I’m so proud of myself for this sweater + all the future sweaters I’m going to make.

I always joke that I ‘knit my feelings’. 

But the truth of it lies in the fact that while I won’t be able to work on my mental health I can still knit a few rows while laying in bed.

While I worry about drowning my feelings in alcohol if I can busy myself with a project.

I won’t spend money on a vice when I can spend it on yarn.

The joy I get from giving a gift to someone I love, who has sat with me when I have been sad, listen to me while I was mad, and helped me when I called, is the best thing I can do for myself.

And its the whole circle starting over again. They might need matching gloves.


So excited to finally have these rosy veincap mushrooms  (Rhodotus palmatus) up on etsy! I can’t believe the beautiful things nature makes.  

Whoo-hoo! I got bit by the knitting bug everyone. I am so psyched about making stuff. I can’t wait. I have planned out all of my stashed yarn projects. I have planned all of my future to-be-purchased projects. I have some really fun projects lined up. I am ready to get those needles moving. 

Ok, sorry, I will try to calm down. It has just been a long time since I could dedicate my whole heart and soul to knitting. I am not quite there, probably wont be able to until December. I just want to be prepared for next year. I want to achieve at least a few of my 2017 knitting goals. 

If you find difficult to get fiber in your meals, check out these ideas to increase your consumption:

🍞 Include at least one serving of whole grain at each meal.

🍚 Cook with brown rice instead of white rice. If the change is difficult to make, start mixing them.

🥗 Add beans, chickpeas, or other varieties of beans to your salads. Each ½ cup serving is about 7 to 8 grams of fiber.

🍉 Eat whole fruits instead of drinking juices. Juices have no fiber.

🍌 Add sliced banana, apple or other fruit to your cereal.

🥖 Choose whole wheat bread. Look for the bread with the most fiber per serving.