fibabo asked:

Did you seeeeeeeeeeee? I got to pass him the postcards and everythinggg XD

Noooo I haven’t seen yet, I haven’t had any internet access but omg ;A; <333 Did he like the ninja usb btw? XD

fibabo replied to your post: ghfgfdfsadsghggv MENTAL IMAGES

I hate you. I also blame myself for this but I still hate you.


I have an entire photoshoot in my head that I would do given the opportunity centric around how much Zhou Mi needs a sexy photoshoot.


sort girly porn photoshoot

in my head

sob i wish i learn more about fashion photography/studio

fibabo replied to your post: oh god zhou mi now possesses a video of me talking…

made me cry and get all snotty and disgusting. I just hope he can hear/understand you properly <3 now he’ll know how much you mean to him

;~; I hope he can hear/understand me and he just gets a big hit of uber empowerment, like, wow look at what a positive effect I can have on a person’s life!

I want him to take it as a huge massive compliment. Like his voice can touch people in the midst of depression and help them hold on, his actions can inspire people to want to do more, his words an motivate people to get better and overcome their personal struggles. I want him too be proud of all that he is, all that he’s done and all that he has and just know that even though not all of his fans will have something as…idk, serious(?) as me, he is very special to a lot of people. 

but lol i think you mean ‘how much he means to me’ kkkkk 

;~; I hope HE doesn’t blub. 

I should have subtitled it. I speak way too softly ;A;