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What would you recommend taking to college? In state, and out of state?

brace yourself, this post is a lot longer than I thought it would be

I’m in state, so I really can’t say for out of state people (I hear they generally tend to bring more stuff). My individual needs are probably also quite different than others’, and different colleges provide different materials in the dorms. At the beginning of the semester I actually wrote down a few of the things that were nice to bring in a blog post here. I also took a few pictures of my dorm room with stuff moved in so you can get an idea of what I brought from here. You’ll probably find some nice checklists online of all the basics, like bedding and bathroom supplies and clothing, so I’ll skip those (unless you really want to know, in which case shoot me another message). I was actually quite underpacked, so I’m also going to include some things I wish I had brought in hindsight. As a female first year living in a mini-suite (which means the bathrooms are attached instead of one per hall) at UC Berkeley in California (where the weather is quite mild), a few specific items I would recommend bringing:

  • dorm decorations (and double sided tape or pins to stick them up)
  • a whiteboard with corkboard for push pins
  • ethernet cord (it’s a lot more reliable than wifi once you’ve set it up)
  • one single good non-academic book for stress relief
  • a paper calendar
  • sticky notes
  • a lamp with an opaque shade (translucent ones spill light everywhere)
  • binder clips
  • blue painters tape
  • as many pens as you can
  • stapler, hole puncher, printer, etc. are quite nice if you can manage it
  • wipes to sanitize everything before you unpack
  • A FAN!! it is so unbelievably hot and muggy the first few weeks
  • on a similar note, bring a blanket. it was way too hot to sleep in bed the first few weeks, but its still nice to feel covered.
  • small shelves (those foldable locker shelves work great)
  • bookshelves are also useful
  • mugs, forks, spoons, plates, etc. you will want to eat in the dorm room and it’s not very nice to steal from the dining halls.
  • more hangers than you’d think you need (you will probably go shopping at some point or get free shirts, and hangers can break fairly easily)
  • extension cords
  • a small portable vacuum if you can. dorms usually have a large old vacuum that you have to drag up from the basement, so having a small vacuum on hand is really convenient
  • paper towels (spills happen)
  • shower caddy (i like the two piece ones with the small on inside for toothbrushes and stuff, otherwise you have to drag the whole thing around sometimes)
  • shower shoes
  • for most people i hear a robe is nice but i don’t need one bc minisuite
  • i really like having a keurig bc coffee of course but it also dispenses hot water in a minute, which is really handy for ramen and stuff
  • free-hanging hooks, if you have somewhere to hang them off of, they’re actually quite useful (they’re the yellow things on the side of my bunk, if you can see from the second post I linked)
  • all the laundry supplies, from hamper to detergent (I recommend Tide Pods they’re super convenient) to dryer sheets (those are nice)
  • relaxing things: don’t be embarrassed about wanting to bring a stuffed animal! i brought my stuffed dolphin and it was really nice, as opposed to my roommate who didn’t bring her panda pillow pet and really regretted it (she brought it with her after going home out of state for thanksgiving)
  • candles, bath products, etc are also nice just for scent, even if you can’t use them in the dorms
  • makeup, small mirror, and makeup wipes. wipes are really nice to offer to someone if they’ve been crying and want to clean up (from experience)
  • febreeze (esp if a floormate with bad BO comes to visit)
  • not really a thing, but be prepared to say your name, where you’re from, what you’re majoring in, where you live, and maybe an interesting fact about yourself about 200 times in the first few days-weeks

Proof Of ‘God Playing Dice With The Universe’ Found In The Sun’s Interior

“If it weren’t for the quantum nature of every particle in the Universe, and the fact that their positions are described by wavefunctions with an inherent quantum uncertainty to their position, this overlap that enables nuclear fusion to occur would never have happened. The overwhelming majority of today’s stars in the Universe would never have ignited, including our own. Rather than a world and a sky alight with the nuclear fires burning across the cosmos, our Universe would be desolate and frozen, with the vast majority of stars and solar systems unlit by anything other than a cold, rare, distant starlight.

It’s the power of quantum mechanics that allows the Sun to shine. In a fundamental way, if God didn’t play dice with the Universe, the nuclear flame that powers the stars would never light, and the life-giving fusion that occurs in our Sun’s core would never come to be. Yet with this randomness, we win the cosmic lottery all the time, to the continuous tune of hundreds of Yottawatts of power. Thanks to the fundamental quantum uncertainty inherent in the Universe, we’ve achieved a chance at existence. Fiat lux.”

Inside the nuclear furnace of the Sun, protons and other atomic nuclei are compressed together into a tiny region of space, where the incredible temperatures and energies try to overcome the repulsive forces of their electric charges. At a maximum temperature of 15 million K, and with a long-tailed (Poisson) distribution of energies at the highest end, we can compute how many protons are energetic enough to overcome the Coulomb barrier, interact with one another, and wind up in a more tightly-bound, fused state. That number, if you do that calculation, turns out to be exactly zero. When you consider that 95% of stars are less massive and reach lower core temperatures than our Sun, the situation appears to be even more dire. If there were no quantum mechanics, nuclear fusion would be an impossibility. Yet we’re saved by a feature of quantum indeterminism, where spread-out wavefunctions can overlap, and nuclear fusion as we know it can proceed.

If Einstein and Bohr knew how the Sun worked, they could have settled the question of whether “God plays dice” with the Universe once and for all. Find out the answer today!

Anime Boston 2017 AMV Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted an AMV for the contest, and congratulations to everyone whose AMVs made the finals. But only some can win. Here are the winning AMVs from the 2017 AMV contest:

Best in Show, Editors Choice, and Judges Choice (winning three different awards!): Timeless by Hamstar138; various anime; Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc - Wake Me Up.

Coordinator’s Choice: Anchors by PieandBeerAMV; From Up on Poppy Hill; Auli’i Cravalho - How Far I’ll Go

Best Editing: Fiat Lux by PieandBeerAMV; Tokyo Godfathers; Sleeping at Last - Sun.

Best Concept: The Passing of Men by Joshua Guthaus; Metropolis; SureAl-Enderal - Brave New World, and Charlie Chaplin - The Great Dictator.

Best Fun/Comedy: Assachusetts: A Wicked Good AMV by shorisquared; various anime; Funhaus - MASSHOLES.

Best Upbeat: Mahoupocalypse by CeliaPhantomhiv; various anime; Fall Out Boy - Uma Thurman.

Best Action: Edible Annihilation by Kisanzi; Ben-To; Tom Player - Desolation.

Best Drama: My Songs and Stories by DrabazDoug; Dragon Ball; Lukas Graham - 7 Years.

Best Romance: Creationist by Nekokitkat25; Hinata no Aoshigure; Kerli - The Creationist.

Best Trailer/Commercial: Blades of Yuri by becauseimbored1; Yuri!!! on Ice; Blades of Glory Trailer Audio.

Best Other: We Are But Dolls by Plagued Art; Another; Melanie Martinez - Dollhouse.

Unfortunately, we can’t link to the winning AMVs for legal reasons, but we’ll be playing all of the winning AMVs at the Closing Ceremonies. That’s at 3:00 PM in the Hynes Auditorium. Be there!

- Andrew, AB Staff Blogger

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how about a continuation of that coffee shop au with barista!Grantaire? it was very silly, but i enjoyed it very much. if that's not particularly inspiring, i'm completely delighted by the way you write Grantaire's friendship with Joly and Bossuet, and i'm still not over Bossuet translating R's speech for Enjolras's benefit in that one ficlet, so i'd love more stuff about J/B being Grantaire-whisperers. finally, a very happy birthday to you! your blog is one of the best things on tumblr

Coffee shop AU it is! Previous ficbit here.

Grantaire was talking with another customer when Enjolras came in, smiling and laughing and gesticulating wildy.

Enjolras didn’t mind that Grantaire was busy. The customer seemed to be talking and laughing back – doubtless someone with interests that matched Grantaire’s own. Enjolras checked his watch and absolutely did not scowl at it. He stayed near the doorway carefully examining available tables until the customer was gone.

“Fiat lux!” Grantaire proclaimed as Enjolras approached the counter. “Et ecce homo, to mix testaments. Behold, the man, and it was good. What can I make you today, oh light, oh man?”

“Coffee,” said Enjolras. It was the same answer he gave every morning, for lack of a better one. He’d gone home the first day after drinking Grantaire’s coffee and found himself searching for articles on coffee roasts and types of beans. He’d emerged with nothing to show for it. The words simply meant nothing to him.

They meant nothing when Grantaire said them too, but they were pleasant to hear all the same.

Grantaire produced a drink with a theatrical flourish. “You were late this morning, so I started without you. I even anticipated your order! A smooth, medium roast, with a dash of cream and seasonal spices to complement the natural nutty flavor. Against my better judgment, I have included a drop of honey. Yesterday you complained-”


“Yesterday, you stated that your drink was bitter, and I have taken your words to heart. A confusing signal, I grant, from a man I have personally seen drinking instant coffee black-” Grantaire mimed disgust and pain with perfect comic flair, and Enjolras couldn’t help a slight smile, “but I persevere in the face of adversity. Yesterday your coffee was bitter, and as a true student of Aristotle today I have corrected towards sweet.”

Yesterday Grantaire had waved towards a pretty girl as he handed Enjolras his drink, and blown her an exaggerated kiss. Enjolras supposed his coffee had been bitter; he couldn’t really say.

Today Grantaire was smiling at him, a lopsided grin that lit up his face and made his eyes sparkle. His hair was disorderly, his nose crooked, his skin blotchy. Enjolras thought his smile might be the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

“Yes,” he said, after a sip he couldn’t remember tasting. “It’s sweet.”

Expressões em Latim que ainda vão lhe ser úteis

1. A priori. Primeiro de dois, anterior. Exemplo: “A priori, não podemos condená-lo sem provas”.

2. A posteriori. É o oposto de a priori e faz parte da expressão: a posteriori ratione. Indica que é um raciocínio calcado no que veio depois, com base na experiência conseguida por meio da observação ou experimentação.

3. Ad infinitum. Até o infinito; que prossegue interminavelmente. “E assim por diante, ad infinitum…”

4. Alea jacta est. Os dados foram lançados. Júlio César disse isso no Rubicão, quando decidiu atravessá-lo. Queria dizer: “Está feito. A decisão foi tomada”.

5. Anno domini. No ano do Nosso Senhor. Exemplo: “Foi no ano de Nosso Senhor de 1492 que Colombo singrou no oceano azul”.

6. Ante meridiem. Antes do meio-dia; em inglês, corresponde à abreviatura a.m.

7. Aqua vitae. Água da vida. Costuma significar aguardente, uísque ou qualquer outra bebida destilada.

8. Audio. Eu ouço. A pronúncia dos romanos provavelmente lembrava o nome dos carros Audi.

9. Bona fides. Bona fides são credenciais que demonstram boa-fé ou honestidade.

10. Carpe diem. Agarre o dia, ou aproveite bem o seu tempo.

11. Cave canem. Cuidado com o cão. Letreiro encontrado num chão de mosaico em Pompéia, por exemplo.

12. Circa. Por volta de, aproximadamente. Júlio César nasceu circa 100 a.C.

13. Cogito ergo sum. “Penso, logo existo.” Conclusão famosa do filósofo francês René Descartes. Ele achou que esra declaração era a única prova defensável da vida. Tudo o mais poderia ser fantasia.

14. Curriculum vitae. O curso da vida - ou histórico escolar e de trabalho. Em geral, abreviado como CV.

15. Deus ex machina. Literalmente, deus saído da maquína, como na hora em que os dramaturgos gregos faziam Zeus descer do céu pendurado em arames para resolver problemas do enredo. Passou a significar histórias mal contadas onde alguma força externa faz tudo dar certo no final.

16. Dulce, et decorium est pro patria mori. “É doce e correto morrer pela pátria”. Verso de Horácio.

17. Ergo. Portanto.

18. Exempli gratia. Por exemplo, em geral, abreviado como e.g.

19. Fiat lux! Faça-se a luz.

20. Habeas corpus. Literalmente, “tendes o corpo”. Passou a significar que não se pode prender alguém sem julgamento; o “corpo” tem de ser levado ao tribunal.

21. In camera. Em segredo, não às claras. “A reunião aconteceu in camera”.

22. In flagrante delicto. Em incidência de infração; pego no ato do crime.

23. Ipso facto. Pelo próprio fato. “Fechei a minha casa a você. Ispo facto, você não vai entrar”.

24. Magna cum laude. Com grande louvor e honra. “Ele se formou magna cum laude”.

25. Modus operandi. Método de ação; o estilo, os hábitos profissionais de alguém.

26. Non compos mentis. Não de mente sã. Maluco.

27. Non sequitur. Que não se segue que - um argumento mal apresentado. “Ele nunca toma banho. Deve preferir gatos a cachorros”.

28. Nota bene. Observe bem. Em geral, abreviado como “n.b.” Observe que “Id est” também é muito comum e significa “isto é”. “Id est” costuma ser abreviado como “i.e.”

29. Paterfamilias. Pai da família; o chefe da família.

30. Persona non grata. Pessoa que não é bem-vinda.

31. Post meridiem. Depois do meio-dia; em inglês, corresponde à abreviatura p.m.

32. Post mortem. Depois da morte, póstumo. Costuma ser usado para designar a autópsia, ou cirurgia póstuma feita para determinar a causa da morte.

33. Postscriptum. Literalmente, “coisa que foi escrita depois”. Costuma ser abreviada como “p.s.”

34. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Quem guarda os guardas?

35. Quod erat demonstrandum. O que era pra ser demonstrado. Costuma ser escrito como QED no final das demonstrações.

36. Quo vadis? Para onde vai?

37. Requiescat in pace. “Que descance em paz”. Costuma-se usar a abreviatura RIP.

38. Semper fidelis. Sempre fiel. Lema do Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais dos Estados Unidos. O lema dos Reais Fuzileiros Navais britânicos é “Per mare per terram” - por mar, por terra. Já o Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais da Marinha do Brasil é “Ad Sumus” - aqui estamos.

39. Senatus populusque romanus. O senado e o povo de Roma. As legiões imperiais levavam SPQR escrito em seus estandartes. É engraçado, mas ainda se vêem essas letras nas tampas de bueiros da Roma moderna.

40. Sic. Assim. É usado para que o leitor saiba que aquilo que acabou de ler, por mais estranho que pareça, é assim mesmo. Alguns estudiosos alegam que deste advérbio teve origem o “sim”.

41. Status quo. “O estado das coisas”. A situação atual. Exemplo: “É fundamental manter o status quo.”

42. Sub rosa. Sob a rosa; secreto. Vem do costume de colocar uma rosa sobre a moldura da porta para indicar que o que se dissesse ali dentro não deveria ser repetido.

43. Tabula rasa. Literalmente, “tabuleta raspada”. Ficha limpa. Estado de inocência.

44. Terra firma. Terreno sólido.

45. Terra incognita. Terra desconhecida. Usado em mapas antigos para mostrar as regiões ainda inexploradas.

46. Vade retro satana! É uma ordem para se livrar dos desejos ou da tentação de pecar.

47. Veni, vidi, vici. Vim, vi e venci. Dito por Júlio César depois de uma revolta na Grécia, que ele sufocou numa tarde.

48. Versus. Contra; em geral, abreviado como “v” ou “vs”.

49. Veto. Proíbo.

50. Vox populi. Voz do povo.

51. Dura lex sed lex. A lei é dura, mas é lei.

52. Lato sensu. Em sentido amplo.

53. Stricto sensu. Em sentido restrito.

54. Bis in idem. De novo outra vez. Indica repetição desnecessária.

55. Erga omnes. Contra todos. Quando uma decisão é erga omnes, significa que atingirá não só as partes, mas todos os indivíduos.

56. Ex nunc. A partir de agora. Efeitos não retroativos

57. Ex tunc. A partir de então. Efeitos retroativos. O que aconteceu antes também recebe os efeitos da decisão.