fiat 850 spider


Big thanks to Tumblr USA for featuring me on Trending Blogs. And now that I'am surprisingly almost famous and recharging my iPhone almost twice a day ;-), I will do… exactly the same: go out on the streets with my camera to spot the coolest rides!
Hello to everyone new who got on my little car-site from afar, the wonderful wonder city of Hamburg, where 0.91% of all cars are classic. To be exact: 6945 according to the Association of the Automotive Industry, the highest density of vintage vehicles in Germany! So there is still plenty of upscale, ugly, bread-and-butter or bizarre, rotten, rusty or pampered or otherwise interesting scrap metal to discover. 
A good one to continue: the indestructible Volvo PV444. It turned 70 this year. This 1954 model I spotted today in the city celebrates its 60th. Volvo’s first uni-body car was designed and engineered during the war, first shown at the Royal Tennis Hall in Stockholm in 1944, where it was to serve as „Volvo’s Dove of Peace". The purchasing folk decided to call it more pragmatic „hunchback“. Volvo had planned to build a total of 8.000 examples, but by the time production ended in 1958, around 200.000 were sold. The owner of this one, an elderly Italian, told me, that he still rides it with great pride. By the way: He’s the boss of the guy, who drives the little red Fiat 850 Sport Spider I posted some weeks ago.