fiat 500


Tips: Shooting a Fiat 500 Amidst the Alps with @kitkat_ch

Swiss Instagrammer Martina Bisaz (@kitkat_ch) bought her classic Fiat 500 in September 2010 and started her Instagram account in the months that followed. At first, she rarely shared shots of her Fiat but soon realized people really enjoyed photos of her beloved little car. “When I composed shots of my Fiat, it didn’t look like a car but more like a piece of art in a landscape. I realized that people were as crazy about this cute little car as I am, so I decided to create a hashtag for it: #martina_fiat500.”

After shooting tons of photos and videos of her car in the Alps, Martina has developed quite an eye for autos. Want to take great shots of your own ride? Here are her tips:

  • Compose the car well in the frame and keep in mind you are shooting for a square format.
  • Make sure the lighting is just right and you have a nice contrast of colors in your scene.
  • Get your angle right—it can make the car look cute if you get it right, or daunting if you get it wrong. (“For example, I don’t like to photograph my fiat from the front. It just doesn’t look right to me.”)

50 artists from around the world got together in a scrap yard in Pruszkow, near Polish capital Warsaw to create fully detailed,  life-sized replicas of a Mercedes Benz 300 SL, Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Aventador, Maserati GranTurismo and a Fiat 500. The works will be displayed at the 2017 Dubai Auto Show