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           cassandra wasn’t one for business parties, but she’d attended for the sake of her fiancee. the female stood facing a painting, large eyes flickering over it as she admired the artwork. there was something about it that made her feel serene within the crowded room, dainty hands brushing over the front of her dress before someone was beside her. her attention slowly moved toward them, cheeks flushing slightly as she brushed her hair away from her face. “i’m cassandra, but you can call me cassie, or cass… or whatever you’d like..” she giggles softly, realising how much she was rambling. 


Phoenix has been sick since yesterday. Her fiancee was a little too busy to take care of him, but today is her day off, so she dedicated the whole day to him by bringing him some chicken soup and his medicine.

“…Here you are. You’d best eat it now before it gets cold. If you don’t take your medicine either, there will be consequences. Do I make myself clear?”


tagged by @morganasandhya for my top 10 biases thank you honey 😊

1. amber liu/f(x): my idol, my inspration, my sun, my moon and all my stars(also my wife) 😍😍😍

2. jun hyosung/jeon hyoseong/secret: my oh so beautiful princess 😍😍 she isn’t just so beautiful but also so funny and talented. she might not be the strongest voice in kpop but her soft voice melts my heart 😍

3. yoon bora/sistar: my fiancee 😁 my baby and my princess 😍

4. kim boa/spica: her voice blesses my soul 😍 she is so talented i wanna cry 😭  my talented queen ❤

5. jo mi hye/miryo/b.e.g: MY QUEEN!!! miryo had always been a queen and she will always be (my)queen 😍😍😍 also a legendary rapper god bless 😍

6. shin jimin/aoa: also my princess,my baby and my top madam 😍

7. choi yuna/yuju/gfriend: god bless yuju’s voice!!! my talented baby 😍😍

8. lee soon kyu/sunny/snsd: my gf and my baby and my princess 😍 my cute bunny 😊

9. park subin/ dal shabet: probably one of the most underrated and underappracated female vocals *sighs* my princess 😍

10. jessica jung: MY PRINCESS! my baby, my angel 😍😍

i tag: @mamaduckiesp @mina-destroyed-me