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The way Tom is looking at Lance in the distance ❤

KOTOR gothic

·         You drink a bottle of Tarisian ale. The next day there is an identical bottle there, but it is full. You remember that Taris was destroyed. There is no longer a supplier of Tarisian ale.

·         The food is never good. It may be sentient. You eat it anyway.

·         There is rattling in the storage room. You think it’s one of the droids, but then you realize droids don’t sound like a young child speaking a language you don’t understand.

·         There is singing coming from the fresher. The only person you can’t find on the ship is Bastila. Bastila doesn’t sing.

·         Some nights you wake up to the sound of screaming. The screaming is your own. You don’t know why you are screaming.

·         On those nights, Bastila wakes up screaming too.

·         Sometimes you can’t remember your dead fiance’s face. It is like he never existed. Other memories are foggy, too. You can’t quite remember things before the Endar Spire. It takes you a minute to remember your own name sometimes. Must be the food. You ignore it.

·         “You are the most promising student in memory,” they say. You do not know why they didn’t find you before. You blink, and swing your lightsabers. The weight is familiar. You close your eyes and the Force is there. It has always been there. Waiting. You do not know how you forgot it.

·         Kashyyyk is familiar, but you know you’ve never been there. You hear a screech. “Tach”, you whisper. You don’t know how you knew the creature’s name. It is as though you have always known its name.

·         There is a hermit living in the trees. He is kind, speaks as though he’s known you for years, decides to come along on your journey. You didn’t ask. You didn’t have to ask. You didn’t have to ask any of them. They just came.

·         You have never gotten lost on your journey, not even once. Your feet know where to go. You can turn your brain off and watch them move, taking you where you need to go. Sometimes you walk the paths in your dreams. You do not know how, or why. You have never been to any of these places.

·         You know this ship. It is evil, but familiar. Karath smiles knowingly at you. He is familiar. Everything is familiar. Escape is easy. You know the way.

·         Four words and everything makes sense. The same four words destroy everything.

My Everything (Lafayette x Reader)

Characters: Lafayette x Reader, Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens, Marie Louise (Laf’s Mom!)

Length: 1541+ words


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“Do you remember the first time we met?” you asked, leaning back to look at your fiance’s face. You sat between his legs, your back against his chest as you sat on the blanket the both of you had brought when you prepared for the late night picnic.

“You mean the day I fell madly in love with you, mon amour?” he uttered back, tilting his head down to meet your beautiful eyes. A smile adorning his beautiful face, and a glimmer of happiness in his eyes. “Of course. How could I forget?”

“I can’t believe the luck we’ve had,” you told him, slightly shaking your head. “To think, out of all the families and houses I could choose from, and I chose yours.” A sigh escaped your lips as you snuggled back to his chest. He warmed up those coldest of the nights, and right here, right not, sitting on a blanket on the grass of a park in the dead of the night, there was nowhere else you would rather be. “How did I get so lucky with you?”

He chuckled, bringing his lips to your cheek. “I think I’m the lucky one.”

Gilbert was quiet, thinking back about the day that you guys met. He had done an exchange program in New York previously, and had gone back to France to finish his studies before planning to move to America permanently. His family, knowing how passionate he was about studying abroad decided to support future students by opening up their home to any international students in need of a home.

The family took in three students, all from America. Two of them were Gilbert’s friends that he’d met in his time at King’s College, Alexander and John. At first it was a bit weird, having three boys, and one girl in the house, but with the way they behaved, the boys had quickly become like brothers to you. They were annoying, and loud, and rambunctious, and messy. All in all, your first impression of them were not good at all.

Luckily, his mom took you under her wing fairly quickly. Marie Louise was a wonderful, spirited woman who saw so much joy in life. Gilbert definitely had gotten his high-spirits and charm from her. She took you out whenever she needed to run errands, making you feel like you belonged in the country, instead of just being an intruder. She taught you so many things, and you would not have survived your year without her. Marie became your mother in France. Her husband, Michel had died early on when Gilbert was a young boy. It was a tragic work accident that left her a widow, and Gilbert fatherless. They’ve been on their own since then.

“What’re you thinking about now, mon amour?” Gilbert asked beside your ear, pulling you closer against his chest.

“How wonderful your mom is.”

Gilbert threw his head back in laughter, making you giggle as his chest reverberated against your body. “Oui. I agree. Ma mere is wonderful.”

“We wouldn’t even be together if it wasn’t for your mom either.” You nudged his ribs with your elbow, a small smirk on your face.

His grin got bigger. “Oui. I remember.”

It was a month into moving in, and you’ve accepted that the boys were acceptable when you hang out with them individually, but they were a force to be reckoned with when they were together. It was another Saturday when Marie asked if you could go into town, and get some groceries for the week. She would go, but she had an emergency appointment that she had to attend. Of course, you said yes, but she still felt guilty for ruining your nonexistent plans on a weekend. After a bit of back and forth, Gilbert walked in. Plaid PJ bottoms, loose tanktop, and his usual tied-up hair was loose, framing his face. He let out a huge yawn, rubbing his half-lidded eyes, and wondering why his mom was staring at him with such relief.

“Oh, good. Gilbert, you’re awake. Go with Y/N to town, and get some groceries with her.”

“But, mom!” he whined like a child. It made you burst into laughters, and that’s when he noticed your presence. His cheeks immediately burned red as he tried to recover his image. “Ahh, Y/N, I did not see you here. How did you sleep?”

“I slept fine,” you snickered, shaking your head.

“Go with her,” Marie said with finality before grabbing her purse. She kissed your cheek, and kissed Gilbert’s cheek before walking out.

“When do you wanna go?” you asked him, leaning on the kitchen counter with your eyebrow raised.

He shrugged.

“Can you get ready in half an hour?”

“Can you?” he sassed back with a smirk.

You rolled your eyes. “You’re insufferable.”

The arrogant face he had disappeared, and you would never admit it to him then, but when his eyebrows pulled together in confusion, and his bottom lip jutted out, your heart skipped a beat.

“You’re annoying,” you rephrased, seeing his face turn into understanding and then fake hurt. But by then you had already walked into your room. You giggled a bit to yourself. This was the kind of relationship you had with the boys, just a few sassy remarks back and forth until Marie decided it was time to step it- which wasn’t often. As annoying as the boys were, they were good kids. You knew because you’ve seen the way they treated you and Marie with such respect- much different from the boys you were raised with when you were younger.

Half an hour later you were waiting for Gilbert on the couch, wearing just casual jeans and a plaid shirt. When you heard no noise signalling that he was heading out, you knocked on his door, mindful that the other two boys may be sleeping.

“Gilbert?” you hissed, knocking on the door again. When you heard nothing, you opened his door slightly, seeing his figure sprawled on the bed. He had changed his PJ bottoms to jeans, and his hair was tied up again, but his tank top was the same. “Gilbert!” you exclaimed, trying to wake him up. Usually, you would’ve been fine going out alone, but you wanted some company. Plus, his mother did say that he had to go with you.

You grabbed his pillow that he was clutching onto for dear life, and hit the back of his head.

“Wha-?” He shot out of bed, turning his head.

“Get up. We have to go.”

“Go where?” he asked sleepily.

“To get groceries!” you replied exasperatedly.

“Oh, right.” He nodded tiredly, getting up, and grabbing his sweater from his chair.

“Don’t forget your wallet.” He clutched his jeans pocket, feeling the outline of his wallet before nodding.

The two of you made your way to the market, you had made a mental note of what Marie had run out of when you were waiting for Gilbert. The walk was silent, every time you would mention something, it would lead to the both of you arguing. It really did seem like he always had to oppose your opinions.

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Robert always goes in for a waist tickle! I wonder if, after the first time he did it and realised Aaron was ticklish there, he had to take a moment to appreciate just how adorable and smiley it makes his fiancé as he tries to jump away amid carefree giggles. Robert vowed then, that he would do everything he could to try and make Aaron like that all the time!




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Okay!  So, the fiance’ face and I have been brainstorming an AU for a bit now;  it combines my love for all things dance, and Climbing Class.  The premise?  Josh is a Ballerino struggling to find his passion again after the unfortunate and untimely death of his younger sisters.  

I’m really, really, really anxious to share this as I’m worried it won’t be well received.  That, and I’ve never contributed anything to any fandom that ended up being this elaborate/thought out.  I’ve got soooooo many bits of information to share, so I thought I’d start here [with plenty more to come].  I really hope you like it!  And, if you have any questions about the storyline/AU please don’t hesitate to ask. 

All that I do ask is that, while the story is fresh, you contact me before producing any fanwork.  Thank you in advance!

AU Below :)

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"I heard it was white day, Yuuri." He caressed his fiance's face, and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips before putting on a giddy smile. "I got you something." Victor held out a a box that held a gold encrusted watch inside.

 Yuuri smiled into the kiss, surprised that Viktor was even aware of what White day was. Well, he had been in Japan long enough to at least know something like that. ‘’Viktor, you really didn’t have to get me anyt–’’ when Yuuri opened up the box, his eyes nearly popped out his skull.

‘’…This is looks so expensive, Viktor…’’ God, was Yuuri really worth going through all the trouble. ‘’..All I gave you for Valentine’s day was some chocolates…’’