fiance by friday


See You Soon (Derek Hale)

Odd Love Story (Scott McCall)

Good Riddance (Stiles Stilinski)

Hidden Life (Isaac Lahey)

Don’t Die On Me (Stiles Stilinski) 

Hidden Life Pt. 2 (Isaac Lahey)

Something Right (Liam Dunbar) 

Anything Can Happen (Isaac Lahey)

Bakery Meeting (Stiles Stilinski) 

Secrets (Stiles Stilinski)

A Women’s Job (Isaac Lahey)

Locked In (Stiles Stilinski)

Shout out To My Ex (Derek Hale) 

Detention (Isaac Lahey) 

Do It For You (Scott McCall)

Cake (Isaac Lahey) 

Plot Twist (Stiles Stilinski)

New Girl (Stiles Stilinski)

Stolen Foods (Stiles Stilinski)

Christmas Disaster (Stiles Stilinski)

Christmas Party (Derek Hale)

Witching Hour (Pack Imagine)

Witching Hour Pt. 2 (Pack Imagine)

Witching Hour Pt. 3 (Pack Imagine)

I Win (Isaac Lahey)

Christmas Transformation (Scott McCall)

The Grinch (Derek Hale)

My Guardian Angel (Liam Dunbar)

Lights (Isaac Lahey) 

Love Her (Malia Tate)

My Presents (Stiles Stilinski) 

Don’t Test Me (Pack Imagine) 

Hot Cocoa (Stiles Stilinski)

Wish Upon A Star (Scott McCall)

Only Joking (Derek Hale)

Divorce Me (Isaac Lahey)

Divorce Me Pt. 2 (Isaac Lahey)

Fiance (Peter Hale)

Last Friday Night (Derek Hale)

Smell Your Scent (Liam Dunbar)

First Date (Derek Hale)

Never Forget (Theo Raeken)

Not So Bad (Stiles Stilinski)

Cliche From the Beginning (Stiles Stilinski)

You’re Always Beautiful to Me (Isaac Lahey)

Btw, when I make new imagines, I will update this, don’t worry! Love you guys! Xx