I don’t typically talk to my fiancé about witchy stuff, because he’s very much of the “everything has a scientific explanation and nothing is magical” kind of mindset and we just can’t connect on that topic… But he’s been observing me making protection bottles and doing all sorts of witchy stuff, and yesterday he really shyly says, “Will you make me a magic bottle?” It was the cutest thing, and it made me so happy! When I finished it and gave it to him, he smiled really big and just looked at it for a long time, then put it right in the middle of the shelf over his desk. 💗


On January 12, 2015 I made one of the best decisions of my life. I said yes to forever, to my best friend, my traveling partner & my lover.

In a month, I will officially become an Arnold and we will start our life together. From Florida to Cali with stops along the way, we’re going to have the greatest road trip ever for our honeymoon.

Being so young, we’ve had a good amount of doubt thrown out way, but our close friends and family have been so incredibly supportive. With Tim being in the military and me still being in school(now graduated) it hasn’t been easy, especially when we had to go a year and a month without seeing each other, but we have managed to pull through.

This blog is dedicated to us, our travels, our memories & our life together.

- tim-arnold & taythelittlemermaid

So I got engaged yesterday, I am very happy and very proud. My fiancé is going for his master’s degree in biochemical engineering at a local university. We met while going for our bachelors together, we were in the same chemistry class which led to late night studying and him asking me out for coffee at 2:00am; the night before our first semester exam. Then he found out I actually don’t drink coffee. So he bought me tea and we talked about things other than chemistry. He asked my parent’s permission before proposing and we have been dating for 4 years. He proposed as we were flying over a canyon in Colorado on what is known as a Canyon Swing. I cried a lot he cried a lot, he took me completely by surprise and we are looking forward to spending our lives together.