My girlfriend is great. We’re always doing silly things and laughing in public places. We’re either getting smiles from people, or rude stares. If my girlfriend wants to see if she can throw the bread into our cart from halfway down the aisle, you’re damn right I’m gonna be her cheerleader. A couple of older people moved out of the way and watched her, with smiles on their faces, telling her to go for it. It’s refreshing seeing someone enjoying themselves while doing what we call a ‘chore’. I’m sick of watching humans like they’re robots. The world is your playground.

Last week we were replacing her car door window because it got smashed. We were listening to music and singing along. Our downstairs neighbor came outside and said 'I gotta ask this, but how the hell are you two so happy all the time? All I hear from you two is giggling’ and I just smiled like an idiot. Of course I have bad days and I’m not always happy, but she doesn’t see that. That’s how I want to be remembered.

Don’t forget you’re allowed to have fun. If people judge you, that’s their problem. And please, marry the girl that makes you feel like you’re alive.