fia wants

fia hadn’t seen niall in years. the boy got famous and up and left her in little old mullingar. she didn’t blame him. the first chance she got, fia left town, too. four years later they were both back in town. but can they continue their friendship where they left off or were there too many things left unsaid?


a post-1d niall / childhood best friend fia one shot based on this post

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orpheus “fia” lavellan. mage - storm & rift. quiet, clever, passionate. usually found sprawled languidly amidst a pile of leather bound books, pet fennec curled up at her side. keeps her cards close at hand, but has revolution in her heart.

Did I ever tell you the story off when I, Fia and our little sisters were at the cinema and saw Maze Runner?


Then I’ll tell you. The movie was awesome, but when the end credits came on and all the actors rolled, Fia suddenly pointed at the screen and screamed “DYLAN O'BRIAN!!” on the top of her lungs, without any previous warning or explanation. 

I, and probably every other person in the close proximity, was like ‘wtf, bro’.

Apparently Jossan, Fia’s little sister, is a big fan of Dylan O'Brian, and Fia wanted to make sure she saw his name, but hadn’t really meant to scream that loud.

I still burst out laughing sometimes when I think of this.