Ganondorf and Fi have some small talk on the beach.

I’ve been experimenting with using screentone for the environment. I screentoned the sky too but I thought that was too much screentone so I decided to get rid of it. It looks like there’s a moire effect (for Ganondorf) on my screen but then again my screen is pretty damn HD. If you see any, sorry about that.

Cognitive Functions Metaphors

Ne is like time and space within itself, with so many possible timelines in existence.

Ni is like a weather forecasting stone, because it can just feel and tell what’s about to happen.

Se is like a camera, because it records everything around it and takes it in fully, every single detail.

Si is like a calculator, because it has all the info it needs to know stored within it, it remembers.

Fe is like a hospital, because it cares for those who are hurt, and fulfills their every need, and forgets about its own needs because it’s busy with others.

Fi is like a compass, because it leads us to the true and correct direction we should follow to stay true.

Te is like an office, because it’s organized and lets everyone know what needs to be done to get things done accomplished accordingly.

Ti is like a science lab, because once the experiments are conducted, it can analyze the results well.


I spent more time drawing this comic than I should have. I wish I could draw faster in Clip Studio Paint. :(

I toned Fi’s body with the combo design I made up for her skin just to see what it would look like. You can’t really really tell though since her swimsuit covers up the more interesting parts.

MBTI as shit I heard people say at my school in 2015.
  • INTJ:"I don't trust calculators. I only trust myself."
  • INTP:"Bro, do you even bacon?"
  • ENTJ:"I've been watching you everyday and that is not how you're meant to enter the school."
  • ENTP:"Don't litter! Why are you littering? Littering is bad!" *throws all plastic wrappers from lunch on the ground*
  • INFJ:"I have a plant called Pharrell because he spreads the happiness."
  • INFP:"Our class thought of way more symbols to represent death than love, peace and happiness."
  • ENFJ:"You take your fucks back!"
  • ENFP:"She probably was having a winter mandarin in a cupboard, but then she got stuck because she was doing the splits."
  • ISTJ:"We counted how many times the art teacher said 'okay' in one lesson. We heard him say it 80 times exactly."
  • ISFJ:"What do you mean? Of course a love hexagon can be a thing! Look, I even chose six of our teachers who could be in it. Aw, that would be so cute."
  • ESTJ:"Why bother saying 'tomato ketchup'?? No one eats any kind of ketchup that isn't tomato."
  • ESFJ:"Sorry I was late to home group, I was busy talking to Ms Smith about how I'm going to go to Italy when I turn 40." *frantically adds that they won't be 40 for a while and are still young.*
  • ISTP:"I am the master of legitness"
  • ISFP:"Job? What job? When I grow up, my goal is to become a crazy cat lady."
  • ESTP:"I haven't even handed in any homework pieces this year."
  • ESFP:"Is it weird to be attracted to your old assistant principal? I saw mine yesterday and he was looking SEXAY."