Oh, that’s it? A boring ol’ spread this week? No, friend. That’s not all… at all. Did you know that you can totally spend your hard earned money on a PDF collection of FHY, ch.1 - 5? Yeah. It’s called “The Incomplete Food Hates You” and It’s available on gumroad right now (gumroad.com/heartlesscorporation)!

If you’d like to finish reading the rest of Ch.5 early or get a look at some of the earlier art for FHY from the original zine (or you’d just like to help support the comic’s creator, me - beloved by all) then please buy it!

The comic will also be available to read online, but if you’re feeling generous or bored, then give me your money!

And as always, hard copies of Food Hates You are available on storenvy.com/heartlesscorporation

Hey there, Foodies… Should I call FHY followers “Foodies”? That name is already taken by actual foodies. It’s better than “Haties”. Oh well, I’ll decide that later. It’s “Foodies” for now.

Anyway, Foodies, if anyone is going to be in the Salt Lake City area this upcoming weekend I’m going to be tabling with a friend at Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanX 2017 (Artist Alley, Beige 37). I’m going to have hard copies of FHY (including the most recent chapter) as well as prints of my other work. Maybe I’ll draw people as their favorite food or something as commissions (probably not though - too much work).

Maybe see you there? BYYYEEEEEE!