fhuck it


this is like…. a superior version of homestuck’s “bustin makes me feel good” have i ever mentioned how much i fhucking love neil cicierega

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Fhuck 😪🔥 sunkist x bananaOG 💨 🍊🍌🎂🍰🍊🍌

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anonymous asked:

Which of your ocs tries to rickroll people, and which one always falls for it?

OKA Y WE ALL KNOW COSMET IS THE RICKROLLER ,, bee is the least gullible and doesnt even use the internet so he wouldnt, danika would probably catch on and not ever open any links cosmet sends her because she Knows, and ophelia would fall for it. every. fhucking. time

one of the funniest things about monster factory is when they put emphasis on the wrong syllables or wrong word in the sentence or just emphasize half of a word, like

  • and you’re just dancing by a lake with an umbrella
  • rook, some digital bullshit, or oprah’s best friend doctor phil
  • i’m going to play as the woman, because fhucking look at her
  • myehlissa
  • this is untenable!

chloe-bourgeois-cesaire  asked:

Blake and Ruby go book shopping?

“Blake, Blake, Blaaaake! I found these suuuper cool books about mechanics and weaponry and the internal functioning of certain things and whoooa what’s this aisle you’re in? What are the people on the covers doing? Did they all forget to wear their pajamas to bed? I don’t think it’s good for your back to have someone sit on you like th-" 

"S-So! What were those weapons books about again, Ruby?!” Blake chirped.

As Ruby happily continued to babble on about her guns and knives, Blake ushered the girl out of the adult books section before the employees could suspect her of something illegal.