fhuck it

here are some post-finale images for you/stuff i might draw:

  • john hunger (i know he’s dead, let me live) & davenport wearing 1940s style swimsuits sitting on two fold-out chairs under a big parasol, reading books, only half paying attention to merle whos mercilessly dunking mookie
  • lord artemis, rowen and antonia reconnecting after the apocalypse and he hires them as royal guards (and he forces them help build that awful chesney bar for merle) 
  • magnus builds a rocking chair for lucretia but she refuses to sit in it for a decade just-because-i-look-like-im-60-doesnt-mean-i-am-you-moron but eventually she succumbs and its very comfortable
  • avi helps run Hammer & Tails: A Dog School - he has scruff and grows his hair Really Long and he makes everyone gay
  • avi later on meets hurley & sloan and they team up as the Best Mechanics Ever 
  • lucretia & barry & lup sitting in lu’s bigass library while she tells them about her decade away from her family (they remember faintly that year she was alone and they think about how proud they are of her)
  • the Angus McDonald & Mavis Highchurch Detective Agency (featuring their lovable sidekick, Mookie) 
  • magnus also opens up a therapy workshop for people that have disabilities to learn carpentry & carving to help out the rebuilding effort
  • lucretia teaches magnus how to paint and he teaches her how to build
  • avi teaches magnus how to chainsaw carve  
  • avi, carey, magnus & lucretia help build killian & carey’s mountain cabin (and then, with additional help, all the subsequent surrounding cabins too, after the remaining BoB discovered they didn’t really want to be too far away from each other)
  • angus starts writing a series of fictional detective novels based on his few years out in the world (pre-rockport) where he was all alone working for the police - they become international best sellers, of course 
  • lucretia - reading an anthology of sappho poems, eating a mango in the sunlight, lup - napping in her lap, snoring
  • joaquin terrero: professional Esport pharah main
  • Ren Gets A Fhucking Girl Friends (blease)
  • taako has a much nicer cooking show with less magic and more guest stars (joaquin & his brother VIA an emerald mirror in the back, kravitz, angus, ren, paloma, lucretia, lup, ash & the goliath, and anyone else that wants to stop by - including the famous Magnus Burns Taako’s Hair episode)
  • angus accepts the teaching position at Lucas’ school for at least a year or two, but he still hosts guest lectures at ren’s school for magic
  • merle buys out the goodfriend cooperate retreat camp and turns it into an adventuring camp in the summer with the gang teaching different classes
  • lucas & barry: science bros
  • lup & lucas: science enemies
  • ren & lup: punch friends
  • davenport takes on kids that want to get away from land for a while - in exchange for room & food, they help him fish and bring supplies to towns and fight sea monsters
  • merle helps direct community theater productions and is surprisingly incredible at it - lucretia paints the sets
  • lucretia finally gets to rest and have a back rub

anyone else got more?

one of the funniest things about monster factory is when they put emphasis on the wrong syllables or wrong word in the sentence or just emphasize half of a word, like

  • and you’re just dancing by a lake with an umbrella
  • rook, some digital bullshit, or oprah’s best friend doctor phil
  • i’m going to play as the woman, because fhucking look at her
  • myehlissa
  • this is untenable!

anonymous asked:

Which of your ocs tries to rickroll people, and which one always falls for it?

OKA Y WE ALL KNOW COSMET IS THE RICKROLLER ,, bee is the least gullible and doesnt even use the internet so he wouldnt, danika would probably catch on and not ever open any links cosmet sends her because she Knows, and ophelia would fall for it. every. fhucking. time

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Fhuck 😪🔥 sunkist x bananaOG 💨 🍊🍌🎂🍰🍊🍌

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