• "Field hockey looks easy"
  • Me:"okay, lets see you run for 70 minutes non-stop btw you have to be hunched over so forget about breathing and youre squatting the entire time so your quads and butt are on fire but block that out because someones about to drive that large solid plastic ball into your leg at about 40mph, oh and that girl whiffed and nailed you with a stick made of kevlar aka what they make bulletproof vests out of oh and it's summer so it's like a gazillion degrees times ten because we're playing on the sun's surface aka turf.
  • do you want to rethink that statement now?"
Excuses I’ve Heard as to Why You Won’t Come to My Field Hockey Game

1. “I don’t get all the whistles”
2. “There’s too much stopping and starting”
3. “It’s boring”
4. “Too many rules”
5. “I just don’t understand it”
6. “No one else is going”
7. “It’s stupid” (I don’t think this even qualifies as a true reason)