niisshoku  asked:

"I came to say goodbye. For now."

Hearing his voice, was one thing, but it had been the words to escape which struck his mind, and rendered him still for a long while. After what seemed like moments, the blonde finally mustered up the strength and willpower to turn his frame, so that he could face the shadowed one. “I see…” 

There was a subtle distance in his tone, as azure orbs shifted to look away from the direction of the other. Sting couldn’t properly comprehend the situation, not right then and there. They had been at each others side for as long as he could remember, to even think about saying goodbye to him… if even for a little while was eating at his emotions. 

Try as he might to keep lips from faltering that warm smile which rested. He had somewhat been prepared, but never thought that Rogue would actually go ahead and leave. Clenching his fists as they dangle alongside of his frame, his features twitching, wanting to droop. 

The heart within his chest beating firmly and swiftly, not because of excitement, but because he was anxious. It was taking everything in his body right now to not stop the dragon slayer. Fingers uncurled from fists, to wriggle about idly. So this was it. He knew he had to say something; something more than the previous stated. 

Taking a few steps forward the blonde slipped his arms around Rogue, pulling him into his chest, and just holding him there. Eyes squinting now as they were unable to be seen, tears slowly slipping from the corners. "I’m wearing the smile you gave me.“ He spoke in a shaky tone, soft enough so that the ear closest to him would catch his words. Lips curving once more into that very smile, as tears streamed down his face. “Just- take care of yourself alright? Promise me…” 

Sting leaned back enough so he could face him, while keeping hands resting upon either of his shoulders. “Promise me you’ll come back…. Promise me Rogue!” Fingers curved in against the material of his clothing, bowing his head forward with pitiful whimpers escaping the Guild Master’s lips, unsure of where this sudden burst and surge of emotion and feelings had come from in the first place. 

“Y-you better come back to me alive; to this Guild alive, I mean it!” 

“Because-” He took in a deep breathe. 

“Even if you be-become… 

Some kind of Monster, i’ll be waiting for you…” 

“Don’t you ever forget that!”