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gavin seeing himself on the news for the first time

I tried writing something more comedic, not sure how I did, but I tried. Thanks a lot for the prompt :)

“It’s a bloody travesty!” Gavin shouts, throwing his empty water bottle at the TV.

“Hey,” Geoff scolds from across the room, “you break it, you bought it.”

“Did you see this? Did you see? This will not do, Geoff, it will not do at all,” Gavin complains, gesturing to the screen.

Geoff takes a seat next to Gavin, offering him some popcorn, but Gavin waves him off with a distressed sound. Geoff sighs, pointing to the TV, “We all end up on the news eventually, buddy. It’s what happens when you decide to be a criminal. I don’t know what you’re upset about.”

“I’m not upset about that. It’s just, it’s not even my good side. How do they expect me to be a good criminal if they can’t even get my good side?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

“What?” Gavin gives Geoff an affronted look, not understanding how he can’t get what he’s going through. “They got a shot of my left, Geoff. My left! It’s the worst side of me!”

Geoff hits Gavin with a pillow and he squacks in surprise, flailing off the couch, knocking the bowl of popcorn out of Geoff’s hand and onto the floor.

It’s another thirty minutes before Geoff stops laughing.

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In the winter, Fake AH Ryan secretly knits sweaters, he doesn't tell anyone and gives them to everyone anonymously. Every one thought it was Jack or someone more "gentile", but then Gavin caught him knitting and freaked out. No one believed him until Ryan proved he could knit to win a bet.

Ooooh this is perfect!

FHAC Ryan has always had fidgety hands, he keeps them busy usually on the field with spinning knives around, or messing with guns, or cleaning them. 

Kniting is a much safer way to keep his hands busy. It’s also kinda of calming, if you’re good at it. It was a nightmare of frustration at first when he was learning. 

He also wins a lot of money because absolutely no one believed he could knit.