ok so I made a bunch of wall stickers because I needed them. you can download the individual set package file or if you want all there is a merged package file. Hopefully you like ^.^

Credit : the Artists for their art. and the Sims4studio

Do not claim as your own or reupload without permission and blah blah

Download Set 1- Dropbox

Download Set 2- Dropbox

Download Set 3- Dropbox

Download Set 4- Dropbox

Download Merged- Dropbox


Recently I’m playing Maxis-only world instead of my lost legacy challenge. (I lost save games, founder sim, screen shots. I lost everything!)  Someday I want to create my own town like jenba’s Blythe Harbor. I always adore that.  Well, I changed some sims’ clothing or hairs. It’s fun.


The Sims 4 North Face Jacket!

Download for Male and Female Children

It only comes in the color shown above (black) and the jackets are the same for males and females. If you have a problem please contact me.

You can also message me a request, and if you already have, then don’t worry, I am working on them right now.