Refreshing Skin [Download]

No ad.fly or anything, my intetion is to make available something that I did for fun.

  • There will be an update of this Skin, cause I’m fixing a little problem in the calf area of one of the skintones. Some people might ask, why don’t you just upload it when you’ve fixed it? So, I’m uploading this right now cause it’s a small problem in just one skintone.
  • Defined knees, elbows and lap
  • 10 Skintones
  • With the white skintone, I highly recommend you to use this amazing facemask by ShojoAngel [x], it will look awesome.
  • If you use this skin and want to share your sim with me just tag #characterassimscc 
  • Non-default
  • No custom thumbnail

                                            Anaconda Outfit

  • 2 items - skirt and crop top
  • hq texture
  • new items


P I P E R   C A R D W E L L    ♥   B Y   E M B L O B B L R

mydarlingsimmer said she needed some sims for her asylum so i took the chance to create one! she’s supposed to look super badass and i guess she really did turn out pretty great! but then again… she’s an asylum patient. she’s insane.

aspiration - public enemy.

traits - genius, perfectionist & insane.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRDAJMw3oQo)


Scott: It’s time!

Stiles: HOLD ME, BRO.

Scott: Good luck, Beacon Hills. Let’s do this!