FH might just return sooner than expected. Word is also out on other events in coming “weeks”. Read all about it.

• Trial 004 (Cardes)
• Trial EX (An exclusive Randall Trial featuring existing Global Exclusive units)
• 6-star Release of Mifune, Weiss, Zephu, Luna, Zegar and Lario
• Grand Gaia Chronicles [Atro] 
• 6-star Release of Alma, Zeln, Nemia, Galant, Oboro and Stya

My final team for Global FH. Shida and Kuda didn’t make the cut afterall. This team OTK all rounds, fill all SBB and yielded 1.8+m per Terminus run, and speedy runs too. (No luxurious flag flowers, just plain Amano and Spark DMG spheres)

Essentially 3 fujins on Zelnite, Elza and Maxwell first stage, Orna SBB only with others normal attacking on sphere frog. Last fujin to fill her next round. Will post a video later when I get time to record.

Lin advises you to update your game client via your various app store before trying Frontier Hunter again. That said, Amazon and possibly Google Play users may suffer from major lag in gameplay with the update.

This has been reported to gumi for troubleshooting and resolution. In the mean time, do the best you can with the situation.


Brave Frontier - Frontier Hunter 10 Terminus 1.89M (Speedy OTK Run) video recording. Enjoy!