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Fablehaven re-read notes - part 4 

  • Unpopular opinion, but I actually really love Gavin. He was such an interesting character and a great potential love interest for Kendra, and his dragonbrother backstory lead to so much phenomenal world-building. Plus, the Navarog reveal was unbelievably well written, 10/10 would be betrayed again.
  • The only thing I’ve ever truly needed to be content is Seth and Kendra being two halves of a dragon tamer. God bless.
  • I always forget that Warren actively encouraged Seth to hide out in the knapsack to sneak into Wyrmroost with them? And he gives SUCH a stirring little pep talk when he does so, about how often Seth has already Saved The Day and how much Warren believes in him and how grateful he is that Seth restored him by defeating the revenant and????? I’m tearing up a little thinking about this Friendship.
  • When Patton first meets Kendra and Seth he’s like “Hmm, the zzyzx keys? I think I’ve heard something about those, but I’ve never really looked into them” but it turns out that he’s actually already taken the Obsidian Waste vault key and hidden it in Wyrmroost, broken into Lost Mesa several times to steal the Chronometer and rehide it at Fablehaven, and knows exactly where the Rio Branco preserve’s vault is and which artifact is housed inside it. Like. Was Patton deliberately downplaying his adventures or does he honestly consider that to be minimal research??
  • This is yet another book in which Warren and Vanessa fail to have any sort of meaningful conversation with each other and the idea that she’s supposedly secretly in love with him just keeps getting funnier and funnier. What are we supposed to believe here? That she’s just chilling in her dungeon cell, thinking about how cool that dude she’s barely talked to in 2+ years is? That she spent her months in the quiet box pining over this boy who was literally like “I’d rather take my chances with this giant, flying, acid-spitting two-headed panther than team up with you”? That she only decided to help them save the world because she thinks warren’s kinda cute? please.
  • the strong canon implication that Gavin mailed a physical photograph of himself to Kendra in one of his love letters is so fun to think about. Everything about a demon prince spending six months pretending to be a smitten seventeen year old boy is fun to think about, but this one fact especially.

fablehaven reread notes - part 5

  • that scene where kendra’s just laying in bed thinking about how much she misses patton and she misses lena and she wants people to stop giving her responsibilities and assuming she’s capable of doing things when all she wants to do is continue laying in bed and thinking sad thoughts about her dead ancestors. what kind of #relatable content. 
  • at one point, bracken makes a joke about therapy of all things, so we can all officially put to rest the assumption that there is literally anything about the modern world that bracken isn’t intimately familiar with, thank you
  • did you guys know that elise dyed red streaks in her hair and also i’m in love with her? it’s true. 
  • i’m honestly cracking up at the fact that bracken doesn’t tell kendra that he’s the fairy queen’s son until like an hour before zzyzx opens and the demon hoard comes pouring out. look, brack, your family is not that big of a deal. u didn’t need to keep that secret. kendra already thinks of ur mom as her Mom Friend. nothing bad could have come from sharing that piece of information before the world was literally ending.
  • i truly and deeply love patton’s legacy of annoying the fuck out of every single creature on his preserve. even now, 60+ years after his death, any time his name gets mentioned in front of a naiad or leprechaun or centaur or anyone from Fablehaven, their immediate reaction is basically to mutter “that goddamn motherfucker” under their breath. truly he was an icon. 
  • i disagree with vanessa on a lot of topics, but the sphinx definitely deserved to die and he definitely angled to become an Eternal so he could continue fucking shit up in the future and he is definitely going to become a #problem at some point in dragonwatch. i’m calling it right now. HOWEVER. if he manages to go the “former villain evolves into awkward friend” route, i will not complain. 
  • the last four (4) books in this series all take place over the span of one (1) year. i’m so so proud of everything seth and kendra have managed to survive and accomplish in that year, but i really really hope these kids get some time to nap before dragonwatch starts.