NBC’s freshman comedy Go On is staging its first on-screen Friends reunion when Courteney Cox checks in for an episode of the Matthew Perry comedy, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

Cox will join Perry, aka her former on-screen husband Chandler Bing on Friends, for an episode set to air in April. Cox play a character who meets Anne, who then tries to set her up with Perry’s Ryan. It marks the duo’s first small-screen reunion since the long-running comedy ended its 10-season run in 2004. [x]

Nikita: And now I have doubts.
Michael: About us?
Nikita: No. No, never. It’s about this crusade to make things right. I mean, what I could cost us. I can’t lose you. I won’t lose you. And if that seems selfish to you, then, well, I never said I was perfect, so…
Michael: You’re not gonna lose me. And you’re right. You never said you were perfect. I did.


Interviewer: Are there love scenes? Are either of you naked?
Shane: It’s a teaser right?
Maggie: I wish Shane was but he’s not…
Shane: We’re totally, totally naked.
Maggie: At least they have got to have sex! I don’t know when they’re gonna have sex again, I think it’s like once or twice a year sort of deal ‘cause they’re saving the world, so they’re married!