→ Richard John “Dick" Grayson | 22 | Business Mogul | Nightwing | FC: Nicholas Hoult | TAKEN

✔ Batman, Haly’s Circus, Cereal, Superman
✘ Batman, Pickles

Abilities: Peak Human Conditioning (Strength, Agility, Speed, Reflexes, Endurance, Durability), Master Acrobat and Martial Artist, Intimidation, Indomitable Will, Expert Hacker, Expert Escapologist and Marksman,  Stealth, Master Detective, Genius Level Intelligence

"With great power, comes great responsibility."

Being known as Bruce Wayne’s ward and heir doesn’t much mean anything to Dick Grayson though he is very grateful for the billionaire taking him in and raising him, the social status that came with it is not why he appreciates it all. Dick was born into a family of circus acrobats. His parents were a very famous act in Haley’s Circus called “The Flying Graysons”. Since birth he was trained in acrobatics and was able to fly through the air with no net by the age of five. While Haley’s Circus was on tour in Gotham City, he overheard Tony Zucco AKA “Boss Zucco”, a well-known and feared crime lord, threaten the owner. He said that he would go after the circus performers if he didn’t pay any extortion money. The owner refused. That night was the fateful night that turned Dick’s like upside down. He watched in horror as his parents’ high wire snapped, causing them to hurtle to their death as many of Gotham’s elite watched. Dick blames himself for their death as he did nothing even though he had known what Boss Zucco was going to do. Soon thereafter, Dick was placed into Gotham’s uncaring juvenile services on the account of social services being full. There he was beaten by a number of inmates just based on the fact that he was a mere ten years of age and they knew he wouldn’t fight back. As soon as space opened up, he was transferred into a Catholic orphanage but was quickly adopted by Bruce Wayne.

Dick was rather confused by the billionaire’s kindness but very thankful. Though there was a clear understanding between the two that their relationship would not be a typical father/son one. As months rolled by, Grayson grew rather sick of the lack of attention he was getting from Bruce. Bruce was hardly ever in the manor and when he was they would only exchange a few sentences. Frustrated and still wondering about the murder of his parents, the young boy went off to investigate. To his surprise Batman was also at the scene, doing his own investigation. It was at that moment that he was confronted by Boss Zucco and his goons and was almost beaten to death if it weren’t for Batman’s intervention. Upon awakening, Dick was shocked to learn that Bruce was really Batman. The two sought to take Boss Zucco down, and after seeing Dick’s ability to channel his feelings towards justice, Bruce soon offered Dick to help him fight crime.

The young boy was trained in all sorts of things such as fighting and detective work. He was also expected to upkeep a normal lifestyle, which meant going to school and getting the grades expected from the ward of Bruce Wayne. As years flew by, tensions grew between the Dynamic Duo. An accident between Robin and Two-Face cause Batman to “fire” the young vigilante for a small time but it wasn’t until Dick got shot in the shoulder by the Joker that cause Batman to end Dick’s Robin career for good. But by this time Dick realised that he had grown up and no longer needed the Dark Knight by his side. After a quick trip to Metropolis and a brief conversation to Superman about what he should do, he took up the mantle Nightwing.

It was also around this time that Dick had enrolled to Hudson University, which he was thankful for as it meant time away from Bruce. During this time he focused on his friendships. He would often be around the likes of Roy Harper, Donna Troy and Wally West. He had even found solace within a beautiful alien princess named Koriand’r. But none had stayed more consistent than his childhood friend, Barbara Gordon.

Now Dick has become comfortable within his Nightwing identity and now has a functional relationship with his mentor. He is now dabbling within the business world, much to Bruce’s surprise, and is now the owner of Haley’s Circus as well as the budding newspaper Grayson Daily, which is based in New York City.

"... If you want to test a man's character, give him power."

Dick is very similar to his mentor in that he is very serious when it comes to his crime fighting. He will do everything he can to be able to help out those in need. He also cares very deeply to those who are close to him and considers them as family. He would bend over backwards for those people. Dick is a very extroverted person and loves to interact with others. While fighting he often makes offhanded remarks and is known to never shut up even when engaged in combat.

"The people you know may break you.."

WALLY WEST: Wally is Dick’s more chatty and goofy counterpart. They have known each other for a huge chunk of their lives and have stuck by each other through everything. The two are like children in that they will constantly talk about anything and everything.

DONNA TROY: Donna is like the long lost sister Dick never knew he had. He feels as if he’s always known her and loves her like a sister. Dick has constantly supported her through everything, and vice versa.

ROY HARPER: The two often spar together and are very close friends. They have an unspoken understanding of one another. Dick often ends up being somewhat of a therapist for Roy but a therapist that tells him that he’s sometimes an idiot and kicks him back in line.


34 | Lawyer | “I don't lose.”
  • (+) Observant, witty, ambitious
    (-) Softspoken, noncommittal, work-obsessed

  • Theo is what some would call “quietly hilarious.” He speaks in quiet tones and never raises his voice to the point that his razor-sharp wit is easily missed by many. Though his dedication to his job means he’s constantly on his game, it’s difficult for him to leave his job at the office and it tends to creep into other aspects of his life, too. Outside of work he often has trouble committing to decisions and relationships with others, which can frustrate those he associates with, but he, like his brother, has this ability to see exactly what it is others want that many people find hard to resist.

  • Law is Theo’s passion, and he’s the best at what he does. He’s the man to go to for any defense, but be forewarned: if you want to be his client, you’d better have the money for it. That’s not usually a problem, though, as his clients are the city’s best and brightest, each forever having money to burn. He’s become somewhat of a celebrity around the city for his high success rate and the fact that many of his cases involve sensational disputes between the two mobs.

Theodore Rothschild, ten years Gabriel’s senior, has no idea why his brother despises him so. Born to the wildly successful and influential Rothschilds of Chicago, it was expected from his birth that he’d go on to do great things. Instead of resisting it, well, Theo went along with it, using the tools that his parents gave him to achieve his own personal goals. He was born with the kind of drive that made great men of good ones, and he wasn’t going to waste the resources that came with being a Rothschild by partying and in general doing nothing.

Due to his streak of wins in various debates during his schooling, everyone thought he’d go into politics. He toyed with the idea, but ultimately decided that it wasn’t for him: there was too much improvisation, too much need for a booming voice and a larger-than-life charisma. Theo’s presence was strong, sure, but in a more subtle way, a way more suited to an intimate setting, like a courthouse, where he could argue with the best of them without having to shout—except in the most heated of cases, of course.

So it was that he began to study law. Surprising absolutely no one, he was quite good at it, and his parents were fully supportive of his decision. By his mid-twenties he was an associate at a well-known law firm with partnership clearly in the cards. The only person who seemed to mind his success was his brother. In fact, the better Theo did, the more wrathful Gabriel became, constantly sniping at him verbally and trying to drag him down any way he could.

Theo’s life changed rapidly. As his concern for Gabriel grew, so did the size of his cases until, at thirty, he managed to win a highly sensationalized domestic violence case on the side of the abused. Not only did it look good in the public eye, but given the evidence, many thought it an impossible win to pull off. The thrill of his victory was, unfortunately, tainted by his brother’s habits, which were slowly becoming more and more outlandish. Even so, he split from his old bosses and started his own firm, hoping to grow his reputation and solidify his position in Chicago.

He did, too. Three years later and he’s managed to turn himself into an almost mythical figure, the man who can win any case. His concern for his brother still eats away at him, though, and given the unusual quietness around the Rothschild house that he’s heard about, he fears that Gabriel is involved in something dangerous that Theo and their parents don’t know about. He’s started talking more with Christine Brody, another highly driven individual that he keeps running into because she sometimes writes about the cases of clients he’s representing, and he finds comfort in her similar job obsession. He’s also kept up communication with Zelda Kauffman, the woman whose domestic violence case started it all for him. During the course of the case he grew to appreciate her as a person and they have lunch sometimes to catch up. He is satisfied with life for now, but he’s not sure he’ll be able to keep ignoring his fear for his brother’s well-being much longer… he just hopes Gabriel doesn’t go and do something stupid that gets him in more trouble than Theo can get him out of.

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Theo Rothschild is open.

34 | Saxophonist | “Why wouldn't everything go wrong?”
  • (+) Charismatic, forgiving, loyal
    (-) Pessimistic, sarcastic, cocky

  • Though Simon may see the glass as half-empty most of the time, he likes to assume the best in people and is quick to forgive transgressions. He’s very loyal and once he latches onto someone, he has their back, but his sarcastic nature and overconfidence may fool people into believing he’s not genuine.

  • Simon is the Stingray’s very own saxophonist, playing alongside Marie and the other musicians there. Having been somewhat famous in his old city, he’s built up his reputation here, too, and wears it with pride. He loves his work and wouldn’t trade playing for anything in the world.

The Simon Anderson of today is not the same one of three years ago. That Simon was born and died in Detroit, Michigan, after a catastrophic falling-out that would leave the city’s citizens whispering for years to come. His life wasn’t always on such a path, however: when he was little, he grew up loving music, that of the saxophone specifically. Because of his parents’ moderate wealth he was able to channel most of his time into the instrument, playing in a professional jazz band by the time he was eighteen.

His problems didn’t arise until he started loving something—or rather, someone—else. It happened when he was twenty-seven and hit him like a bullet straight to the heart. Luckily the feeling was mutual, but there were two obstacles in their way: one, the object of his affections was a man, and two, and perhaps more importantly, said man was married. These factors were a recipe for disaster, but Simon didn’t care. He was in love, and love conquers all, right?

Apparently not. The affair went on for some four years before they were found out rather unfortunately by the man’s wife. She was, naturally, furious, and proceeded to spit vitriol about Simon to everyone she knew. Simon thought that the man he loved would defend him, would leave his wife and together they’d move far, far away, but what he thought and what actually happened were two very different things.

Long story short, he had to leave town, broken-hearted and angry—so, so angry. He took what he had and fled his hometown to a place he’d heard of more than a few times: Chicago. It was a big city, one where he was sure his reputation couldn’t follow and where he knew he could get steady work. He’d leave his past indiscretions behind, work on fitting in… after all, it wasn’t men he liked, just that man, probably. Not that he could really love anyone else after what had happened anyway, right?

Despite the circumstances of his arrival, in the three years since his move he’s actually managed to settle into his new home. He’s got a comfortable place as a saxophonist at the Stingray and he’s even managed to make some friends, including Joel Flatt, a bartender whose easy conversation makes for a perfect way to unwind, and Marie Flatt, a pianist whose fire keeps him on his toes. He’s also become close to Grace Young, a doctor he met when she stitched a friend up after an ill-advised barfight. Although what he’s been through no longer shows, he does still bear its scars. He has a pessimism to him that he can’t seem to shake, but most people just find it a humorous quirk, something he was born with. His past is a mystery to all who know him—and he intends to keep it that way, lest he be forced out of town again. After all, that would just be his luck, wouldn’t it?

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Simon Anderson is open.