Oh my god, such feels…

Best Drama & Editors Choice AMV at Anime Boston 2013

Movie: Wolf Children 

Song: King by Lauren Aquilina

The Best Movies of the Year

David Denby reflects on the best movies of 2013, as well as this year’s disappointments and disasters: http://nyr.kr/1knd7W6

“America is in trouble (no kidding), and many of the best movies this year, intentionally or not, embodied the national unease, the sense that everyone is on his own, that communal bonds have disappeared in a war of all against all, or the indifference of all to all.”


Production photos from the set of Street Fighter: The Movie

Keep in mind, Street Fighter: The Movie is not a movie, but rather the videogame adaptation of the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, Street Fighter, which was based on the videogame Street Fighter II.

Not confusing in the slightest.