Here is how the new (PS4 exclusive -_-) KOF XIV works.


if anyone’s super confused why lupe fiasco is being talked about in the context of street fighter tonight:

Lupe Fiasco, who is a rapper, was asked on twitter if he watched EVO (a really big fighting game tournament, probably the biggest really). He said yes, but only to study Daigo

Daigo is probably the world’s greatest Street Fighter player, or at least way way up there in terms of SF players. he’s really fucking good. He’s also signed to Mad Catz (the dudes who make controllers and stuff)’s professional gaming team 

so a dude from MadCatz responds to Lupe Fiasco on twitter asking if Lupe wants to fight Daigo on SF. Lupe is down for it (and even calls him Daigo-san lmao)

so then we get this poster

and Daigo-san gets cut a check and flies to the US to play against Lupe Fiasco. the best Street Fighter player in the world is playing against Lupe Fiasco, a dude who’s never entered a FGC tournament

naturally everyone’s expecting Lupe to get smashed, but HE FUCKING DOESN’T and manages to pull off a TIGHT 3-2 win over Daigo (here’s the full match)

to the surprise of everyone, including himself

and as a gesture of goodwill, he gives Daigo his one-of-a-kind jacket that he received from Konami

then he jumps on the commentator couch and almost kicks Mike Ross in the head

so that happened tonight


What are you? Coward or killer?
           Coward. Any day.