In traditional Masaai culture, young girls undergo a rite of passage that includes circumcision, a brutal practice often known as Female Genital Mutilation. These Maasai girls in Shompole, Kenya, attend a school that tries to create alternative rites of passage for young Maasai girls, sparing them from circumcision and also continuing their education through secondary school. The school is part of an initiative supported by Amref Health Africa.

This photo was taken by Reportage photographer Jonathan Torgovnik, as part of a collaboration between Getty Images and the Hewlett Foundation to create a photo library showing empowered women in sub-Saharan Africa. The collection includes photos of women in decision-making roles, earning income, and accessing reproductive health services - creating a positive and authentic counterpoint to more common images of disease and deprivation. The photos, which are from Kenya, Senegal and Uganda, are available free of charge to noncommercial users. Getty Images and the Hewlett Foundation hope these images will help non-profits working on women’s issues to tell their story more effectively, and educate and inspire people who are accustomed to seeing the challenges facing women in Africa.

“In community after community, I have witnessed first-hand the transformative effect on women’s lives when they have access to reproductive health services and can earn their own money,” said Torgovnik. “When women are able to make their own decisions, they gain respect, can improve the health and lives of their family and community, and are truly empowered.” Hear more of Torgovnik’s account of this project in a narrated photo essay on the Getty Images Reportage Vimeo account.

Learn more about the Hewlett Foundation’s Images of Empowerment.

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amy will u tell us the story of how u and deb went from brotp to otp?

omgosh i’m so long winded and schmoopy. ;u; i’ll put this under a cut so that i don’t blubber all over your dashes! apologies to anyone reading via mobile i will try to keep this a lil brief dfghjghjkl

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Day 157 of 365 Headstands

Joe and I had a ‘stand-off’. He won.

I, however, did make it 5 full minutes, which is a new PB for time in a full headstand!! :)  

Joe is very inspirational, but I think I heard him sniggering when my triceps started burning and I started to wobble, and he let out a victorious, “Hooah!!” when I came down.

Next time we do air spits, buddy! Let’s see who’s saying ‘Hooah!’ then!

Slasher Jason’s f.4 2 string is really good. You almost don’t need to use anything else in his combos. Unfortunately, none of his specials (in this variation at least, haven’t tried the others)extend combos. None groundbounce or launch, so you’re pretty limited. This hurts his mixup game as his standalone overhead in f.2 is limited to low damaging, unsafe cancels.

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i broke down crying while reading the third part of your kouao comic... i just cried and whinned "this is too beautiful" repeatedly. you truly are a wonderful artist, i adore your style and how you are telling this story ;u; i respect you and admire you a lot, sensei

whispers your tears are source of my power

actually i’m always worried everytime i post the new chapter because i’m afraid if i made it too cheesy or out of character but thank you so much for your support, you are too nice!