Am I the only one who is bothered by articles that say that Emma helped Killian to become a person capable of love?

FGS, he loved his parents, Liam and Milah too, but he lost them. 

The main reason why many of us wanted him for Emma from the beginning was that once he loves someone, he loves deeply.


Looks like Uboachan got a bit of an update. Specifically, .flow and 2kki no longer have their own boards and discussion relating to them now just goes in /fg/. Similarly, all character-specific boards (i.e. /mado/, etc.) have now been combined into a single “characters” board.

You can apparently still see the old /2kki/ and /flow/ boards, but you can’t post on them anymore. Interesting changes. Kinda neutral about them myself, but I’m not sure what other people think.