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So this great post http://foreverfrankandgee.tumblr.com/post/65184421090/guys-remember-the-first-gif-their-inside-joke by foreverfrankandgee inspired me to make a short sum up of what  she’d pointed out and i added some more stuff…

So we’re back to the mustache thing, guys! Or at least we were - in the Danger Days era…

So you know the famous MUSTACHE GESTURE. Frank and Gerard’s inside joke thing? we don’t know what the two of them mean by that but one thing’s for sure, it’s only between the two…

Frank also has it tattooed on his finger, okay, so it must mean a hell of a lot to him, he himself said that what he gets tattooed has a special meaning to him…so this is huge

Anyway……it clearly hasn’t ended, or at least it was not over in the Danger Days era, look at this gif, okay

Frank clearly does the gesture, look at his upper lip, that thing was intentional! Gerard immediately notices, he licks his lip and does the gesture while he leans closer in to Frank…

Now, foreverfrankandgee made a post about yet another moment showing the mustache thing… and i made screen caps of the moment to point out where exactly….

it can be found in this vid:


We can’t be sure whether this one was an intentional move by Frank (or he only wanted to scratch himself) but Gerard caught that and instantly thought Frank was doing their thing so he got onto that…

and here we go, this is where it all begins:

Gerard notices Frank’s fingers in the let’s call it “their mustache area” and he’s instantly drawn by that, he can’t keep his eyes off Frank since…

he keeps staring at him

this is where he gets ready for his move, oh yeah, the same thing he did in the gif-ed mustache moment above, this is how he prepares for that


this is where he finally gets to that, he puts his finger below his nose the same way he did in the other danger days moment and also blackparade one

See? he clearly keeps the finger there doing “their mustache thing”

And then Frank turns to look at him and look at how contented Gerard looks??? Frank has probably no idea…

And this is what happens right after the moment…Gerard’s all giggly ever since, he keeps staring at Frank and is all smiles,rly damn happy

He also begins to lick his lips while staring at Frank

He looks as if he woke up..cuz before that mustache moment he looked pretty bored or tired, this totally had some reviving effects on him

“WONDER WHY” right?

The sad part about this one is that it’s pretty damn possible that Frank wasn’t actually doing their thing, and that he’d probably no idea what it did to Gerard…..aw boy, those two…*sighs*


ps, as for the mustache thing, i feel like i need to add one more thing connected with this and that’s Frank’s uh..well, creation…he created two candy characters, BOYFRIENDS (!) Old Man Winters and his boyfriend Kyle, have you heard about that? if not, read this post:


i think these things are totally related…just sayin’

spiritofyou-deactivated20140607  asked:

hey, here is that interview you were talking about, where frank talked with gerard on phone and stuff www(.)thesnipenews(.)com/music/interviews/my-chemical-romance/

omfg YES baby, thank you YOU’RE AWESOME!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH

so guys, look…at this part:


The world we live in right now, we don’t need any more sadness. I think that we live in that enough that we don’t need that in our fantasy. At least for us, this chapter of My Chem is… brighter horizons, you know? Things are pretty damn good.

I was talking to Gerard [Way], we had about eight days off and I went home, we were just talking through text and whatever. I was hanging out with my daughters, and I actually just started to cry. Just sitting there, and I actually had a tear and I was like, oh man, I am so happy right now. This is the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life, and I didn’t know how to handle it because I never thought it would be that way.

We were just talking, and we were like, “Things are really, really great, and I can’t wait to get back on the road.” Of course I miss my kids more than anything, but I know when they grow up they’re gonna be like, “Look what my dad did, look at what he was doing. He did all this stuff, and he did it cause he loved it and he did it for us.”

And we were just like, “Let’s get back on the road and fuck shit up.” And I was like, “I’m in.”


oh fuck…and to think Frank was so full of hope, brighter horizons for my chem, and planning tour with Gerard and the two of them texting and being so fucking happy,looking forward to going on road together, crying cuz everything was so good

oh no…ooooh no..



Also, hell, can i just point out that Frank and Gerard went home for 8 days and they couldn’t stay away from AT LEAST TEXTING/PHONING EACH OTHER??? like, omg, they go back home after being on tour for so long, they know they have 8 days with their families and what they do? they play with their kids while texting each other

tell me that ain’t fucking huge, ok, I SAY BOYFRIENDS…

Ghoul teaches Poison a new sign and fixes his hands whenever he gets it wrong. Poison occasionally messes up on purpose to hold Ghoul’s hand.


Jet Star is Garnet, Kobra Kid is Pearl, Show Pony is Amethyst, The Girl is Steven, Cherri Cola is Pearl, Fun Ghoul is Peridot, Party Poison is Lapis Lazuli, and of course, Red and Blue are Ruby and Sapphire


Ghoul thinks Poison is cute, Poison can’t think of a response so he gets flustered and just says thank you. (He thinks Ghoul is cute too of course)



Ahhh if Vaya and Vamos had really met the Fab Four when they were kids it probably would have been the cutest thing ever. (Sorry this took so long, by the way. I get distracted)

Also everybody feel free to send me killjoy related requests to draw!


Let’s never forget that this was a thing…

after they got married…

after they had kids…

So let’s once and for all just leave the whole Projekt Revolution out of that cuz Frank and Gerard were on before PRev and obviously after, as well

-apparently even more than before, too