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DD: I have these very selective, kind of weird, very vivid memories that make no sense of that time… flashes of certain things that aren’t significant, like that. Do you have any memories that stand out? Like if I were to say give me five memories from the Vancouver years— being on set— just the first thing that comes to mind. […]
GA: …scene in the Pilot, with the rain.
DD: The rain.
GA: Yeah, is that a big one for you, too? Oh my god, the rain. My lips wouldn’t move! I was so cold!
DD: You were adorable.

(IBG Conversation, July 2011)

“Get up. I’ve left you some clothes on the counter. Had to buy some ‘normal’ ones for the journey. People stare when you wear cloaks…”
Adam rolled in his bed, groaning quietly as not to wake the dragon next to him.
“Seto it’s 6 am.”
“Yes. It is.”
“Morning!” they smiled wide, poking their tongue out at Adam before skipping out of the room, quietly shutting it behind them.


Quetzalcoatl’s Gift - Chocolate Milk Stout

Recipe designed to brew 20L. Approx 7kg grain.

3 weeks before brewday take 100g Cacao Nibs crush and soak in 150g of Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum.

Malt Bill:

  • 70% Pale Malt
  • 8.5% Crystal Malt
  • 7.5% Chocolate Malt
  • 8% Midnight Wheat
  • 5% Flaked Oats
  • 1% Torrified Wheat

60 minute mash at 66c. Sparge @ 68c.

Boil Schedule:

  • 50g Fuggles
  • 250g Lactose

(45 minutes)

  • 1 tsp Irish Moss
  • 37g Fuggles

(15 minutes)

Cool to 18c and pitch Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale Yeast.

9 Days Primary. Add the Rum soaked Cacao nibs into secondary for 7 days. 

Bottle with 50g brewing sugar.

OG: 1.074

FG: 1.022 = 6.8% ABV

Phantom FG.1 launching from the deck of HMS Ark Royal. No. 892 Naval Air Squadron was the only Fleet Air Arm operational squadron, forming on 31st March 1969 and remaining in business until 15th December 1978, following the end of Ark Royal’s last cruise. Although formed at Yeovilton, the unit moved to Leuchars and continued to use that airfield as home base for the rest of the unit’s existence. 

Tim McLelland