I’ve known you many years, but this is the first time you’ve asked for help. I can’t remember the last time you invited me for a cup of coffee. Even though my wife is godmother to your only child. But let’s be frank here. You never wanted my friendship. And you were afraid to be in my debt.

The Godfather (1972) dir. Francis Ford Coppola

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i know we all love the romantic first meeting aus but lbr, realistically they'd probably meet in a walmart at 2 am death glaring at each other in the cereal aisle over the last box of count chocula. and gerard would probably be wearing the stupid skeleton onesie.

bonus points if frank’s high as a kite and is 100% sure he’s just died because there is a dude in skeleton pajamas clutching the last box of count chocula like it’s his only lifeline and all frank wanted was to eat, come on, man

okay honestly tho at this point, i don’t even care about what ASP and DP had in mind for their “endgame” for logan and rory, because you know what? MATT CZUCHRY KNOWS AND LOVES HIS CHARACTER AND PLAYS IT THAT WAY.

honestly, the way he talks about logan and logan’s love for rory and that whole relationship…like, that’s how i’m gonna see it, because it’s so wonderful how he’s taken such great care and put so much thought and effort and work into this character.

basically, NO to the logan that ASP and DP wanted and YES to how matt czuchry portrays him.

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frank takes his 7 dogs out for a walk to the park and one of them gets loose and runs straight at gerard who is just minding his own business sitting in the grass and drawing and frank rushes up to them red faced and panting and saying 'sorry, im so sorry oh my god' and gerard is laughing and petting the pup and says 'hey no problem' and then sees all the others and asks 'you a dog walker?' and frank stammers and says 'ahh no.. they're all mine' and gerard awwws at him and frank offers to buy

him a coffee to make up for disturbing him and gerard grins and says ‘only if you join me’ and they go and get a coffee and gerard takes over three of the leashes and they walk and drink and chat until dusk and then gerard says he has to go home but 'here’s my number. call me?’ and frank nods and when he gets home and feeds the dogs he curls up on the sofa to watch tv but cant stop thinking about gerard and cant stop smiling, hasn’t stopped smiling all afternoon actually

“are you a dog walker” holy shit. this is great

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lesbian frankie and gee trying to think of christmas presents for each other and trying to subtly ask for clues to what they want and they both know what they're doing so they just bring it up directly and they talk for a while and their eyes both light up when frankie mentions a kitty and they decide instead of getting each other gifts this year they'll adopt a cat together and gee nearly squeals she's so excited and tackles frankie and hugs her tight

all cats are lesbians and this is fuckin great

At the 2015 Winter TCA Press Tour, new Fox bosses Gary Newman and Dana Walden revealed the network is open to bringing back two beloved series: The X-Files and Prison Break!

“I think it’s been reported and it’s true that we’ve had some conversations on X-Files. We’re hopeful we’ll bring that back at some point”. Newman said of the David Duchovny-Gillian Anderson cult series.

And after their panel ended, Newman elaborated on Fox’s plans for The-X Files, should it return. “If this happens, it will be with David and Gillian reprising their roles. Chris [Carter] is interested, both David and Gillian are interested. Scheduling it is very different. David has his shows and Gillian is doing something in the UK, so it’s a little hard. I really don’t know how fast it can happen because of that. But there are ongoing conversations happening.”

(via E! Online)

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frank and gerard being unable to sleep and sitting up against the side of the bus watching the sky and sharing a cigarette and a box of lucky charms and frank is flicking stones across the car park and shivering in his hoodie even tho its still like 70 degrees out so gerard wraps an arm around him

this is quality content

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frank high af and desperate enough to beg this dude to go halves with him so he hands over a few coins and they check out together and eat handfuls of dry cereal together in the car park and gerard pulls out a pack of smokes and frank takes one even tho he wasn't offered because hes a little shit

this is ideal thank you


DD: I have these very selective, kind of weird, very vivid memories that make no sense of that time… flashes of certain things that aren’t significant, like that. Do you have any memories that stand out? Like if I were to say give me five memories from the Vancouver years— being on set— just the first thing that comes to mind. […]
GA: …scene in the Pilot, with the rain.
DD: The rain.
GA: Yeah, is that a big one for you, too? Oh my god, the rain. My lips wouldn’t move! I was so cold!
DD: You were adorable.

(IBG Conversation, July 2011)