In the wizarding justice system, crimes of underage sorcery are considered especially heinous. In the ministry, the dedicated bureaucrats who prosecute these petty felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Wizengamot. These are their stories.


Safety in Silence, by Survivah

There’s nothing like that terrible feeling when a full grown man realizes his big sister was right all along.

It’s just that he’s perfect.

Derek’s heart starts to beat faster and faster as he draws nearer and nearer to the two figures at the edge of the property. The one on the right. It’s the one on the right. The one on the right who screams nerdiness and whose hair is cut too short, the one that sent a jolt through Derek’s heart the second his eyes fell on him.

Nothing he’s ever seen on TV managed to fully describe this feeling coursing through him. There’s the sudden shock to his heart, but also utter terror at how, in one moment, a stranger marched into his life and filled in a space Derek didn’t even know existed. And exhilaration. Pure exhilaration that an adrenaline junkie could OD on. He’s standing, teetering, on a precipice, with his old life on one side, and an ocean of possibility on the other.

She never really liked being in the middle, but that was where Dessie Attridge seemed to find herself every single day for the last two years. Right smack dab in the middle. On one side, her ruggedly handsome and sweet but mostly preoccupied with his pre law studies boyfriend Liam, and on the other, his best friend Niall. An awkwardly charming aspiring pro golfer with some serious boyish good looks, he was definitely the liveliness of their little group and it pained Dessie to try and understand how some girl hadn’t swept him up yet.

That is, until she became that girl.

With some unknown feelings surfacing fast and old feelings being put in jeopardy, Dessie really has no idea how she got herself into this crazy beautiful mess or how she is possibly going to get out of it.

The one thing she does know for sure, she really fucking hates being in the middle.



I really love that headcanon where someone said that Remus says cheeky shit under his breath during lessons and Sirius is the one who blurts them out loud and I just want to take it 1 step further and say that in their 7th year Lily Evans would get into lots of trouble bc James would make jokes only loud enough for her to hear and she’d end up trying not to laugh (and obviously failing) and James would be all cool about it like “No, professor, I haven’t said a word. I’m not sure what’s gotten into Lily today”