Just a mini recap of fg related stuff i remember happened during 2013/2014

As for the “boo” we all remember Gerard’s infamous>>


Frank: “I’M OVER HERE!”

Sooooo, guess the “boo, you the best” just confirms that…

Anyway, i wanted to add the thing about all of them being depressed after/before/around the break up..just for the record

And maybe lets not forget Gerard's not-so-straight confessions like

And then just maybe

Okay and maybe lets mention also this


Anyway…this is all old news, but i thought that you guys could add new or more recent FG or possibly FG stuff …..i haven’t been here much lately,since i lived abroad for a while but i’d like to get an update and thought a RECAP POST like this would be a cool way! ;)

  • Frankie:</b> We were definitely smartest people in a house.<p/><b>Christine:</b> We were smart.<p/><b>Frankie:</b> And Zach. Zach was actually really intelligent. He was just crazy.<p/><b>Christine:</b> Zach was very smart.<p/><b>Frankie:</b> I mean he is crazy *to camera* And I love you. You know I love you because you crazy. But you are fucking crazy. You know you crazy so it's fine.<p/><b>Christine:</b> Who wasn't crazy?<p/><b>Frankie:</b> I am crazy.<p/><b>Christine:</b> He was really entertaining crazy.<p/><b>Frankie:</b> Oh my god... the most. Remember when he was HoH and he was just storming around HoH room?<p/><b>Christine:</b> YES<p/><b>Frankie:</b> In his fucking robe like "HA!!!" and I was like "WHAT?" I was literally terrified. I was actually scared.<p/><b>Christine:</b> Sometimes I was actually scared of him.<p/><b>Frankie:</b> Sometimes I was just like "you are terrifying". I remember how he like always take people into a room and be like "By the way, Frankie is the fucking worst". He was like "I hate him, he is a liar. He is a cheater. He has alliances with everyone" and I was like "Zach...<p/><b>Christine:</b> You like "Zach" and he like "No, I don't want anyone to know we are working together"<p/><b>Frankie:</b> ..."Zach... you have to do less of a good job". I was like "You doing an incredible job letting everyone know that<p/><b></b> we are not working together. I think you might be giving little bit too much information"<p/><b>Christine:</b> I loved when you were having those talks with him they were so entertaining.<p/><b>Frankie:</b> I was like "Hey Zach...<p/><b>Christine:</b> And he always apologize "I'm sorry. You right I'm sorry" and then next day...<p/><b>Frankie:</b> He was like "Oh yeah, you fucking right. You are so right. I shouldn't have said that" and then he was back to "I don't know about Frankie". One day he was like "I'm gonna call you out..." That was the biggest... that was the first time when I like started... when I lost my mind when he called me out during god damn live show.<p/><b>Christine:</b> He called you out?<p/><b>Frankie:</b> Yeah, where he was like "Everyone on this couch.."<p/><b>Christine:</b> Oh yeah<p/><b>Frankie:</b> Was that a veto meeting? That was a veto meeting.<p/><b>Christine:</b> I don't remember but I do remember thinking...<p/><b>Frankie:</b> He was "Everyone on this couch I trust. Everyone on this couch I don't trust. Frankie I'm really not sure about". I was like...<p/><b>Christine:</b> You like "What a heck? Why?"<p/><b>Frankie:</b> I was like "How you just singled me out in front of entire house?"... It was the worst...<p/></p>