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gerard, 40 years old and single. he's had a successful career but he's never had the time to commit to a serious relationship so he's lonely and starting to think he will always be lonely even though he takes on a lot less work these days because he doesnt need the money. enter frank, 36 year old fluffy dad of the most adorable 5 year old. they meet, fall in love. gerard suddenly has a family and is the happiest he's been in years

this Directly up my alley and i GREATLY appreciate it omg

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they're talking in a bed one night, they've put their daughter to bed, brushed their teeth, the lights are out and they're just talking softly about.. frank doesn't remember, something unimportant, when gerard suddenly says 'do you want another kid?' and frank doesn't know what to say so gerard says 'i have money, i don't really have to work anymore i just do it for fun. we have time, money. we could adopt a baby' he looks so sweet smiling at the thought of it that frank has to kiss him



Safety in Silence, by Survivah

There’s nothing like that terrible feeling when a full grown man realizes his big sister was right all along.

It’s just that he’s perfect.

Derek’s heart starts to beat faster and faster as he draws nearer and nearer to the two figures at the edge of the property. The one on the right. It’s the one on the right. The one on the right who screams nerdiness and whose hair is cut too short, the one that sent a jolt through Derek’s heart the second his eyes fell on him.

Nothing he’s ever seen on TV managed to fully describe this feeling coursing through him. There’s the sudden shock to his heart, but also utter terror at how, in one moment, a stranger marched into his life and filled in a space Derek didn’t even know existed. And exhilaration. Pure exhilaration that an adrenaline junkie could OD on. He’s standing, teetering, on a precipice, with his old life on one side, and an ocean of possibility on the other.