A moderately decorated poster is scattered across void walls and pillars of popular Ul’dahn marketplaces, each carrying a strange, but calming herbal scent in it’s inks. Although it is not the faint scent that ganders the attention of most passer bys, but the beautiful sigil of the magpie resting atop a tea tree branch. The text below reads as follows:

“Found in the heart of the Goblet, the Yoake-tei is a recently renovated tea house, becoming well known for holding true to its authenticity of hand-crafted tea and snacks. It is run by Doman refugees whose top priority is to bring Yanxian comforts to Eorzea. In doing so, they hope to ease tensions and build connections, allowing for a more openness to Doman influences. All races, backgrounds, and factions are welcome.“ 

What is this?

We are eager to present our recently opened IC authentic Doman teahouse! So far it’s been a relatively small group of friends roleplaying together, but we’ve decided to try and test the waters and open our doors to the public! Our goal is more or less just offering a friendly RP space for Doman refugee type characters and native Eorzean characters like, with the side goal of helping those native Eorzean characters learn more about their Doman friends so they might have a better transition into Doma when the expansion hits! 

Where and when is this?

The Goblet Ward 12 Plot 7 at 9PM EST on March 31st! We hope to see you guys there!


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A time for farewells.

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

I kinda didn’t want to announce this yet, but it seems I might as well address two problems at once. First the Sea Breeze Bazaar will not be happening this weekend, as those who have seen a lack of flyer will doubtlessly be able to surmise. My messages to the calendar didn’t seem to go through. Which given how hard they work isn’t that big of a deal, missed messages happen.

Secondly, and perhaps more seriously, I won’t be running this event anymore due to real life complications. I simply cannot handle the stress in my life at present and juggling such a massive event with my current anxieties is near impossible. Especially if I want to do small scale RP and other things on top of it. I wanted to wait another week to hopefully find someone in the circles I trust the most to take up the torch, but it seemed pointless to wait at present.

It’s been an amazing run and I’m so happy to have seen this event grow and become a staple of the community. I’m going to miss carving out time to sit down and host this event and I sincerely ask that anyone who is upset about this go and attend the other merchant events that have popped up since the SBB’s inception. All are run by really talented people and you could not ask for a better time.

Thank you for this past year and a half, it’s been amazing and a time I won’t soon forget. 

(If you are interested in taking over the event, please drop me a line.)


Red Mage is looking PRETTY DAMN COOOL u guys