The path to true love...

💝 The Sweet Shop 💝

The road to love is rarely smooth, as poor Verin has learned. But perhaps the journey could be eased by paving that road with … chocolate? All it takes is a visit to “The Sweet Shop.”

A play written and directed by T'ahlia Chelewae @talysings

💝 Cast 💝

Swozbhar Rymmskyfsyn - Verin, a Hopeful Romantic
Itara Irispyre @fashion-noodle - Anna, a Helpful Romantic
Pepeko Peko @not-another-universe  - Begilda, the Object of Affection
Chouwa Morrison @fireofthedesert-xiv - Narrator

💖 Palazzo Aldenard presents: Je T'aime

💖 February 2, 2018 - Balmung

💖 Doors open at 9:00 EST Plays begin 9:30 EST

Palazzo Aldenard presents a night exploring the different aspects of amour. Come enjoy four short plays written and directed by Oleandre Torchier, Elphanse Silmontaix, Rhaya'li Mhakaracca, and T'ahlia Chelewae that delve into the complexities of love in all forms. Cuddle close with your date and be prepared for laughter and tears.

Music - Mai Takeda

Four songs that represent your character:

I’m Every Woman - Whitney Houston

Everything that is needed of her, Mai feels exists in her. That there are many different shades to who she is and despite her shyness at times she is confident in who she is and what she can give to another. She is all that she is and all that she needs to be!

Free Your Mind - En Vogue

Mai believes in an open mind. To not be steered by stereotypes, prejudices or racial differences. That one can not walk the realm with a shallow mind to truly live in a world with so many differences which make the world what it is. Open your mind and step away from close minded thoughts.

Control - Janet Jackson

A coming of age song for Mai. She is still so young but her life in her hands now. She has control of the path she travels, the decisions she makes and the actions she takes. It’s about controlling her life and living it the way she sees fit.

My Love Is Like - Mya

The title says it. She knows what she brings to the table in a relationship. Part of there being more to her than some may be able to see and only the one close to her can truly know the depths of everything that makes Mai’s love and passion what it is.

Bonus! Why? Because I do what I wanna! 

 Girl - Destiny’s Child

About friendship and sisterhood especially during the more difficult moments your friend needs you. Mai’s friendship I built in such a way and she values her friends dearly. She is always wanting to be there for them in any way possible. Side note…this song is based off what group member Kelly Rowland truly went through in an abusive relationship.

Okay okay! I went over and beyond like usual. Sue me! :-p No one else has to do it that way! You just list the songs! I’m a weirdo!

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My Diary is Safe Now!

I found the perfect hiding place for my diary, so my private thoughts are now private once again! There is zero chance Fhey will get her hands on it … well, I suppose I shouldn’t say zero, but it’s so very unlikely it might as well be zero. The downside is, it’s REALLY hard for me to get my hands on it now as well for quick random thoughts. It’s more of an undertaking. And I had to figure out a way to keep it dry.

Having friends can be a lot of work.

Mobile Dating Sim - The Duke

• ROUTE START: “Is… this truly your wish? Then let us be off then!”
ROUTE SWITCH: “Ah… I… I see. I understand.”

MENU INTERFACE, POKE A: “Oh! Beg your pardon…”
MENU INTERFACE, POKE B: “A-Ah… a playful sort, then are we?”
MENU INTERFACE, POKE (REPEATEDLY): He blushes “P-Please… do try to… b-behave yourself!” 
MENU INTERFACE, POKE MAX ♥: “My goodness! Have you no sense of propriety! I shall not ask you again!” 

COMPLETED SCENE, +♥: “That was- truly a memory I shall cherish for all my eternities. Perhaps… we could again sometime… share each others company?” 
COMPLETED SCENE, -♥: ”Ah… I do apologize, but I must be going elsewhere. I’ve other things to attend too.”

GIFT (NEUTRAL): “Oh.. you must have put quite a lot of thought into this!”
• GIFT (DISLIKED): “A-Ahh… did I do something… something to offend?” 
• GIFT (LIKED): “Oh my! How did you know? Hoho… it seems someones finding out all my secrets!” He winks, “Thank you!”

GIFT (THEIR BIRTHDAY): “Wait.. how do you know today is my birthday? Even I do not recall the exact date any longer! Thank… Thank you for the gift.. I’ve not the words to describe my gratitude.”

BIRTHDAY: “I um, I wasn’t- quite sure- what you… um, well I did try my best. And if you don’t like it perhaps- we could.. I can take you to get something you do like! It is your special day after all!”

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Coeurlclaw Arc: The Three Sisters

The Coeurlclaw huntress Duli standing her ground against the members of the House of Harmony.

The first real plot of the House of Harmony is well under way as the group went from planning to meet with some Coeurlclaw huntresses to vowing to find the murderers of two of them. 

The summary, a summary of the summary (because I’m long winded, surprise surprise), hooks for moving forward, and the full event log are all in this document. If you’d like to get involved, look at the Next Steps section and see if that fits anything your character would do! And/or message me on discord and we can work something out. 

Big ups to everyone that showed up! I’m excited to see where this goes, and I’m glad my NPC didn’t die. 

FFXIV Lore: Ishgard
Final Fantasy XIV Lore: Ishgard A Compilation and Roleplayer’s Resource. This document contains my interpretation of lore I have found relating to Ishgard and Coerthas in the video game Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, Stormblood, and affiliated materials. I compiled this informat...

BEHOLD: a 118-page compilation of (almost) every scrap of lore about Ishgard I could find – its social organization, history, religious beliefs, and culture.

Every piece of lore is sourced with a footnote in order to make it easy to look up – and to tell canon from my informed inferences and wild speculations. This makes the doc a little heavy and slow to load; my apologies! To look up a topic of interest, I recommend giving it a second to load, then using Ctrl+F to search.

Don’t feel shy about getting in touch with comments and corrections! If you have a question about Ishgard that isn’t answered in the doc…… I probably don’t know the answer, since I’ve put everything I know in there, but I’m always happy to theorize!

I normally don’t want to discuss things like this, because time changes things, traditions develop and evolve, but I’d like to talk about the use of henna/mehndi as an adornment for RP characters and what it means as someone who grew up with them.

Lately I’ve seen some RPers bring up the application of henna into their RP in ways that have me whispering ‘Not like that…!’ under my breath- again, I don’t intend to judge anyone for how they adorn their characters- you do you and enjoy making your characters as pretty as you want! (I recently saw a player utilize the application of henna in a way that had me balking but I’ll not be speaking about it here as they were very understanding about why I found it unsettling.)

I’d just like to bring up some awareness on what henna/mehndi is actually for  in Middle Eastern/Indian/Pakistani cultures, since those are the ones I was raised with and can speak of with accuracy.

- Henna/Mehndi is an adornment for the hands/feet/arms/the leg under the knee as shown above, a temporary application of designs that are usually applied before festivals, celebrations and weddings for women and female-identifying people. It is for women by women and to beautify them and make them enjoy decorating themselves, and has no basis in making them look more attractive to men.

- Men do wear henna, but not as decoratively usually (models, etc will wear henna sometimes but it’s very rare!)- it’s usually used to dye their hair/beards red (mostly in Islamic cultures). Trans folks will usually be alright with henna application on themselves, but traditionally males and male identifying folks won’t wear it in the same adorning way as women. (My dad used to let my mum practice henna designs on his wrists/feet and he didn’t mind wearing it out regardless of how much his friends teased, but again, this is a rare case of acceptance of it on men).

- As they are usually applied in countries where modesty is valued, the application of them on body parts that aren’t usually exposed in these cultures (open backs, bellies, chests) is usually not done or encouraged, and is usually a very western thing.

- Henna/Mehndi are not tattoos and not considered such (temporary tattoos at best if you want to call them that, but from the henna artists I work with at our salon, we agree that the use of tattoos is different to the application of henna traditionally.)

- Henna/Mehndi is *temporary* and usually fades off over a week or two (but you can always ‘refresh’ it by applying the same design again- however, it takes about an hour for it to settle properly enough to leave color so doing that depends on your time and availability). 

- Black Henna uses dyes and inks and is not naturally-made. It can also leave horrible burns if not prepared properly, and can cause skin damage. It’s also a very modern invention. Similarly, wearing normal henna on the face is not recommended, due to the fragrance being able to irritate eyes.

- Body Henna is very new, and mostly created with the ideas of tattoos like in the west- people from cultures where it is tradition will only usually apply it like this in countries where it’s more ‘acceptable’, like in the West. People who see it as a more traditional adornment do not like the ‘sexualization’ of it when worn on the rest of the body.

- Henna/Mehndi is considered to be a more ‘modest’ form of decoration, and some will even wear names designed into the art- or calligraphy of holier names. It’s considered very respectable and the plant from which the paste is made is sometimes considered very ‘clean’- another reason why using it for more ‘sexual’ decoration is usually not something that’s done in more traditional cultures.

- Related to the above, it is perfectly fine to some to wear henna design styled *tattoos* in that way (without holier names/designs), and a lot of people do as much in western countries. The PVP caster Republican Signifer’s Fingerless Gloves in FFXIV for example, resemble tattoos in the henna style, a little, due to them being arm-based designs.

There IS a distinction between henna/mehndi and henna tattoos, and I am happy to discuss them! I know that there’s a bit of confusion about what’s shown in Bollywood movies and so on, but in movies with traditional/cultural settings, do observe that the henna rarely, if ever, goes beyond the wrists/ankles. 

So if you’re trying to use them on a female/female identifying character inspired by the culture, please do give this some thought! I’ll be happy to answer questions in regards to henna and decorative tradition - and I am absolutely NOT saying anyone needs to stop. Heck, we love sharing our art with the world, and seeing people wear henna designs- but there’s no harm in learning about how it is viewed a little more!

I’m sorry if anything was unclear, and have a lovely day!

IC/OOC “Off-Screen” Time

Here’s something that I think not a lot of roleplayers actively think about, but definitely should be communicating with their regular RP partners:

Once you’ve established that two characters are in some type of relationship–either they’re dating, or good friends, or they have a work relationship, or they’re mortal enemies–how do you handle “off-screen” time and its effects on that relationship?

Are you someone who likes to assume that any OOC stretches of time where you aren’t actively RPing are also IC absences? If you haven’t roleplayed for two weeks with a partner, have the characters also had zero interaction during that time, unless discussed otherwise?

Or are you someone who likes to assume that the relationship is maintained through mundane off-screen interactions that keep it at its current level of commitment and intensity, neither advancing nor lessening the relationship? That unless discussed otherwise, the characters are still going on lunch dates, having water cooler conversations, boring business meetings, or trying to cheat each other out of achieving their dreams?

We all come into a roleplay situation with an innate understanding of the rules that govern our worlds, but it’s worth having the conversation to make sure that you’re on the same page. 

I had a partner once who was the first type of RPer, whereas I’m the second. We had never discussed it, so we didn’t know we had different assumptions. When I eventually had to take a break from roleplaying for a few weeks, they were RPing as if the relationship had suffered significantly because two hot-and-heavy characters suddenly went weeks without talking. This was jarring to me, because it went against my understanding of how that absence should be handled! We definitely should have talked about it ahead of time.

Think about it! Talk to your close and regular partners about it, especially since a lot of us are coming off of a holiday hiatus from roleplaying.

// looking for rp  [balmung]

[ tumblr: @weepingknight​​​ ]

Ruran Vas is a melancholic, masked knight who wishes to help and protect those in need. Quiet and skinny, the swordsman seems to neglect his own needs for the sake of others…to a fault, though he is too stubborn to admit it.

He spends much of his time near the Sunken Temple of Qarn, bent on some sort of quest from a higher power. When not in the temple, he can often be found hunting voidsent in various regions or resting in the Black Shroud.

Looking for: Relic hunters, void-related or bodyguarding work, kind hearts.

[ tumblr: @thrillofbattle​ ]

Madoc Parnell, boisterous and ever-smirking, loves a good fight, a good drink, and a good time. Being raised by Eorzean mercenaries means he’s an outlander when it comes to Xaelic culture, though he is learning more as time passes.

He’s currently living the domestic life with his lover and running a hunting lodge in the Mists called the Broken Horn. While content with the way things are, his sword-hand can’t help but feel a little restless lately…

Looking for: Conflict, mercenary work, bar patrons, monster hunters.

[ tumblr: @laying-the-odds​​ ]

Being a courier isn’t as easy as it sounds, moreso when you are unable to speak. He isn’t picky when it comes to deliveries, and word has spread to the Thanalans underground that he is quite a capable drug runner. He’s also a good shot and doesn’t hesitate to use the revolver at his side if threatened.

Deliveries aside, the man has a love for music and can sometimes be caught filling the silence of his campsite by playing guitar. He rarely gives his proper name, but he seems quite fine with monickers like ‘Courier’ or ‘Wanderer’.

Looking for: Conflict, courier work, musicians, various connections.

Hello! I’m hoping to pick up a few new connections for these three over the next couple months. My schedule can be chaotic now and then, but I’ve got an itch and would like to expand these characters. Please contact me if interested!

Ruran is my most active character by far, and I’m always willing to meet new characters with him. However, I would really prefer connections with Madoc and Withdrawn over Ruran, just for a refreshing change of pace.

Withdrawn is my newest character, and I’m still working to break him in. It’s my first time playing someone who can’t communicate with typical vocal dialogue, so scenes with him might be shorter at first. Please be patient with me!

Server: Balmung
Available Times: Sun-Wed (8pm-11pm est), Fri-Sat (7pm-late).
✦ Planning a week in advance works best. I can’t promise impromptu scenes!
Discord: Nomocer#5345