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how to carry your dragoon (who will eventually just accept it and let you do so)

I drew this before 3.3 because I was fully convinced we were never going to get aymeric carrying estinien in canon yet here we are, canon happened, the thing happened (this picture set was also @hyth-ffxiv‘s idea blame them)

aymeric is very strong. very strong arms. I approve greatly.

captainderyn  asked:

30: If your OTP went on vacation, where would they go and what would they do? Who would take the pictures? For anyone c: (I'm not yet familiar with your characters/otps for specifics)

A good holiday for Ahuska and Crow would probably involve a number of stops! Crow’s actually been really good so far about getting Ahuska to the sorts of places she wants to visit - vast wilderness, hiking, wild animal spotting. Not to mention lots of Romance Time in Beautiful Locations. On Ahuska’s insistence that they go do something of Crow’s preference… they wind up somewhere that he can feed his appetite for extreme sports and adrenaline rushes.

Ahuska proooobably takes the vast majority of the photos!