So, I have began a small project that I will be working on - when I’m taking a brief break from commissions - which I like to call it: FFXIV: Anime Screenshot Roulette.

What I will do is I rewatch cutscenes from the MMO game and whatever screencap of a character that I see and like, I will redraw it in anime form.

For my first pick, it’s everyone’s favorite/least favorite main NPC of Stormblood, Lyse Hext. This shot is from the scene, “The Black Wolf’s Pups”.

Who will I draw next? That’s a mystery, gotta be on lookout to see…X]


I have other stuff I need to work on, but this Estinien portrait was sitting at like 75% completion for ages and it was annoying me, so here he is, judging me for how long this took lmao.

The 2nd version is going to be a sticker with holographic effects on the jewelry and fur part of his coat, which no one asked for but I wanted it!! and if I can’t do it for me, why do it at all

FFXIV anime screenshot coming your waaayyy!! XD

I was working on this one during the remainder of 2017; it’s finally done in 2018! \(*^*)/ which makes this my first picture of the year. The Levielleur Twins - Alisaie (left) and Alphinaud (right).
This moment is from the cutscene, “On the Eve of Destiny” Scene #2.

The twins belong to Square Enix.