ffxiv fanart

So, I have began a small project that I will be working on - when I’m taking a brief break from commissions - which I like to call it: FFXIV: Anime Screenshot Roulette.

What I will do is I rewatch cutscenes from the MMO game and whatever screencap of a character that I see and like, I will redraw it in anime form.

For my first pick, it’s everyone’s favorite/least favorite main NPC of Stormblood, Lyse Hext. This shot is from the scene, “The Black Wolf’s Pups”.

Who will I draw next? That’s a mystery, gotta be on lookout to see…X]

FFXIV anime screenshot coming your waaayyy!! XD

I was working on this one during the remainder of 2017; it’s finally done in 2018! \(*^*)/ which makes this my first picture of the year. The Levielleur Twins - Alisaie (left) and Alphinaud (right).
This moment is from the cutscene, “On the Eve of Destiny” Scene #2.

The twins belong to Square Enix.

Never Forget. Never Forgive.

Started some time ago as a warm up speedpaint and in between work, family and other rl things I slowly managed to make an actual full illustration out of it. 

Fanart of Nidhogg from Final Fantasy XIV as I really like the unusual design the important dragon characters got. Also I really needed something new for 2017 to finally finish, this year so far started very bad, with lot of delays and pretty heavy sickness. Hopefully can catch up now with everything and til then enjoy \o/