ffxiv fan art

I’ve returned into FFXIV a while ago, finished ShB, cried like little bi** and couldn’t help but wonder how would bad ending for our WoL/WoD look like.
So I designed myself Lightwarden version of my character. Was playing around with few of metaphors, especially liked idea of “hands tied”, considering situation WoL got himself into (well, others got him into but I won’t be yelling spoilers around here, just in case).
Anyway, this piece is one of very few I managed to finish in a while and honestly I don’t hate it and I’m quite fond of it, I guess? Angst is a good way to break artblock, it seems.
Also, I’m a bit curious, if you can guess primary job of my character from this picture, hm!

[FFXIV] Grim Cuddles

Just Ravana holding onto Belle close. <3

Game: Final Fantasy XIV Online (Square Enix)
Art: Dragonhuntx

I worked on this for most of the day. My manic brain that worked on this from two in the morning until five in the morning and then woke up four and half hours later in a manic fit to keep working on this. I took a two hour break and finished it at eight. I can’t do math, but I’m pretty sure that equals suffering.

蓮はちすの池 無為むいの果て
At the lotus pond, at the end of idleness,

Are the living, seeking pleasure,

祈りの声 掻き消して
Their prayers drown out the sound of me

Slurping down lifeblood and devouring livers.

崇あがめ祀まつれ 我が御名みなを
You worship my name,

臨終の日 迎えるは
And on your last day I come to pick you up.

Know that I must carry out

That solemn promise.