Prompt #19: Ice

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Destiney paused on the small bridge over the river in the lower part of Central Coerthas. Looking up at the falling flakes of snow. Letting the flakes settle in her hair and on her clothes.

Closing her eyes she took a deep breath of the frigid air. Slowly exhaling before repeating. Focusing on the aether around her and within her. Not going for anything particular today. Nor difficult. Just simple aether control practice.

She had learned a lot between her time working for the Order and the efforts her brother made to teach her. Forming a small ball of water aether between her hands. Letting it go. A favorite of Oni’s. Though she had a feeling he much preferred when the aether wasn’t water based.

Now the part she was trying to get the hang of. It was half the reason she came out here. She wanted to try and grasp the ice aether. Water had always been easy. Ice was just frozen water right? The step between shouldn’t be that hard right?

Wrong. It didn’t come that easily to her. Yet it wasn’t nearly as hard as working with fire aether. Fire was still the most difficult element for her to use when she had to cast spells. Red magic did not use a full array of elements either. At least not that she had learned anyways.

Destiney sighed softly. Maybe she just wasn’t in the right mood for this today. Maybe it was too cold. Fingers without gloves was a bad idea for long in this icy chill. Rubbing her hands together to try and warm them a little. If she didn’t succeed today she’d just keep trying another day. Maybe one that wasn’t so bitter cold.

Yeah better weather in Coerthas… Ha!

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Poetry Night

Sunday, December 9th

8pm EST


Mists, Ward 7, Plot 15, Room #2

Poetry, Songs, Storytelling, Plays

  • Sign-ups are at the event. Give Frederique Sombremont or staff a /tell. You will be given a /tell when you’re next on stage.
  • This is for poetry, songs, storytelling, and play scenes. If you wish to perform another genre, don’t hesitate to ask. I usually say yes.
  • Original and non-original work accepted, including song lyrics.
  • Musical numbers are fine as long as the emphasis is on the words.
  • Dancing is okay.
  • Getting audience participation is acceptable.
  • Your work does not have to be IC but please note that the poem is OOC.
LF-RP: Logairn Dunleith

The Basics –––

   Age: 29
   Birthday: 7th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
   Race: Hyur, Midlander
   Gender: Male
   Sexuality: Apathetic      
   PronunciationLow-gern Done-layth

Physical Appearance –––

   Hair: Ginger, slightly long but tidy.
   Eyes: Gray.
   Height: 5'7’’
   Build: Muscular and a little bulky.
   Distinguishing Marks:
          Logairn has a tattoo on his left shoulder and upper arm that curves back and onto his shoulder-blade. It’s design is one of intricate spirals and lines, flowing like water across his skin. There is also a smaller one situated at the nape of his neck.
   Common Accoutrements:
          On a normal workday Logairn’s belt is equipped with several satchels full of crafting miscellany; small hammer, cloths, flask of oil, nails, file, etc. For detailed work or reading, glasses are donned.

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Prompt #19: The Warmth of a Shoulder

Pearly whites pressed into the soft curve of her lower lip, a carbuncle’s head tilted to the side as he watched. Kai had worn a small trench into the sandy shore, there was a good possibility she paced for the past few bells. The cool breeze seemed determined to continuously catch the edge of her ear, a quick flick to ward it off.

“Fluff.. I can’t just tell him.. He..” a huff breath set her back in motion after the brief pause. Thankfully there was no one else around, not that anyone would know her but being labeled crazy in a new place wasn’t optimal. Earlier when people would pass she tried to look like she was doing some stretches, or she would sit down in the sand to trace outlines of different symbols.

The summon rose to his feet and with a flick of his tail he wandered into the path. He blocked movements on purpose to cause the other to halt and force her gaze to lower. “He’s going to worry.. And I-I can’t do that to him.” a soft hum followed as oceans stared into black. “He’s busy Fluff. We can’t just.. No..” fingers eased to the woman’s neck, the creature didn’t need to speak for her to know what that look was.

“I know I haven’t told him I am safe..” Knees found sand, as fingers covered her face. The sun had heated up the ground but it didn’t seem to give her comfort not like the sand back in La Noscea. “How can I tell him I’m safe.. When I’m like.. this.” The soft touch of aether eased the tremble of lip.

The pair sat there for a few ticks just the soft breeze and rolling tide filled the silence. “I don’t want to make him mad or.. disappointed.” A shiver ran the length of her spine, her ears flicked as hands dropped to her lap. “What if he ignores me.. Beside you, he’s the only family I have.” watery pools searched the carbuncle’s face, he placed a paw against thigh so that he could nudge her ear with his nose.

“I.. know. Me not responding or reaching out is just the same. It’s not.. I mean.. I’m not ignoring him..I just.. The thought of him.. He’s happy now, I don’t want to change it.” She thought back to the many conversations, the nights she had camped out at his apartment, and the comforting voice of not just his but his partner’s.

Family..” She had been called that by both, she had worried her friendship with him would prove awkward for the other. Instead she was embraced and welcomed, be it after a bit of time had passed. The last night she had saw them, those comments had both eased and scared her. What if she didn’t come back, would they feel let down or care.. They said they would, there were offers, offers of shelter if she needed it while she was here. A place to come back to.

Another nudge forced her back to the present, to the blue summon that was trying to nip at her ear. She wrapped her arms around his sides and brought him to sit on her lap. A few strokes over his head before she caved “Fine.. you win Fluffy.” A soft kissed place to the top of his head before she reached up to her ear. “Dal.. Dal are you there?”

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