“This world will fail you. It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when. We grow to rely on the skills of others through the many bonds we forge. As a group, we grow stronger than had we been alone. That is no excuse for weakness of the individual. Those that lean too much on their comrades inevitably suffer the most when the time comes that they are unable to rely upon any other. I learned when my home burned and I set out to the nation nearest, seeking a future there now that I was alone in the world. None would hire a foreign blade who spoke not the language, and thus I was an unreliable asset to their cause. My focus on one skill set, the art of war, had not taken me to heights hoped, but had become shackles. While those shackles were later broken by learning to communicate, they were cause for many missed opportunities. Some of which could have led to a very different path.”