ffxiv: stormblood


“The wounded isn’t as weak as you perceive
The wounds are just an evidence
Of the battles fought gallantly
Of undying courage and perseverance
A brave show of resilience
When faced with crippling tragedies
The wounded knows how it feels
To push through searing pain
When bruised skin burns
And the night forgets to end
The wounded knows the agony
Of silent screams and voiceless aches
Invisible to the naked eye
A cause of further torment
But a wounded won’t ever
Drown in the waves
Of treachery and deceit
His actions are marked by prudence
He’s turned wary and vigilant
The wounded is a survivor
He dares to hope tirelessly
Don’t mistake him as an injured minion
His scars are a testimony of his strength.”

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The zines have been mailed out! A huge thanks to everyone who purchased a copy 

For my pages I chose the bits of 4.0 which really stuck with me even after I was done with the msq, which included Yugiri’s overall storyline (meeting her parents was such a big moment), the conclusion to the Estinien/Nidhogg storyline (all 30 seconds that we got), and the introduction of the Ananta tribe + the Lakshmi fight (fantastic visuals + music). I really wanted to draw something from the steppes since that was probably my fav. part of the Stormbsblood expansion but didn’t get to so maybe next time…!