6) final fantasy xii:
“At this time, two great empires struggled for dominion over Ivalice: Archadia in the east, Rozarria in the West.
The invasion of the kingdom of Nabradia was Archadia’s first step in its westward march. With Lord Rasler’s beloved homeland consumed by the hell-fires of war, it seemed clear that Archadia would soon mete out a like fate to Dalmasca. The fall of the fortress at Nalbina tolled the destruction of the greater part of Dalmasca’s forces. A counter-attack was mounted by the Order of the Knights of Dalmasca, ever brave and faithful, but against the martial might of the Archadian armies, they stood little chance of victory. Indeed, their defeat was to be absolute. Soon thereafter, Archadia came forward offering terms of peace. Or, as one might rather put it, terms of Dalmasca’s surrender. Lord Raminas, King of Dalmasca - and my dear friend - had no choice but to accept these terms. It was, thus, only with reluctance that he set out for Nalbina Fortress - now under Archadian occupation - to affix his seal to the Emperor’s treaty of peace. The King had scarce departed his royal city of Rabanastre when the remnants of the Order made their return. And not a moment too soon, for a terrible revelation awaited them. The treaty would be signed with steel and writ in royal blood. ”