ffx 2 hd

Also I had to refund FFX FFX-2 HD because it’s a broken ass port that runs at 15 fps and takes a full minute to load a spell animation at lowest settings and I do not have time for that. But I was super into it and was looking forward to Yuna but with a gun. Now I’ve started FFIX and I’m loving it. The aesthetic reminds me of the old Winnie the Pooh movies and OtGW and Vivi is amazing I would kill for Vivi. I tried FFVI and turned it off after five minutes but I’m willing to give it another shot. If you can’t tell I’m playing the ones people consider the best or love/hate.

Fine then Square-Enix, I’ll buy it again! Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD coming to PS4 May 12th

I’ve played it and own it on several platforms but damn if I’m gonna get it again. Square-Enix has announced that FFX and X-2 HD are coming to PS4 this May. This new North American version will include system-exclusive features and a special pre-order bonus item: an exclusive calendar featuring artwork by the acclaimed artist, Yoshitaka Amano, available at participating retailers and the Square Enix Online Store.