Just remembered I drew this old WIP and never ended up finishing it either. ~_~ It’s meant to symbolize how I’ve always thought that it was actually Jenova who’s been controlling Sephiroth all along. The FFVII Ultimania book says it’s the other way around, but it really makes more sense for Jenova’s powerful genetic instinct and manipulative drive to be what’s influencing Sephiroth’s decisions, even if he claims to be in control of his own life now. I think that was one of the tragedies that drew me to his character in the first place - that his whole life was a sham, and that even though he finally feels like he understands and that he wants to mete justice out for the crimes committed against him, he’s still being puppeted by both Jenova’s drive to assimilate planets and by Hojo’s dastardly will. That’s the irony when he calls Cloud a puppet - it’s almost as if he’s throwing a childish tantrum and feels that it’s right for someone else to suffer as he did ( besides the shame at having been defeated by a grunt, lol). I thought this especially because at one point, Cloud says to Sephiroth “[But what about] The sadness of having my hometown taken away from me?! It’s the same as your sadness!” and Sephiroth replies, “…My sadness? What do I have to be sad about? I am the chosen one. I have been chosen to be the leader of this Planet. I have orders to take this planet back from you stupid people for the Cetra. What am I supposed to be sad about?” Above anything it sounded more like the denial of someone who was so deeply in pain that he wanted to look for some way to justify it - and his susceptibility at that point was what allowed Jenova’s instinct to take over. He didn’t say “What do I have to be sad about” once, which would have sufficed to get his point across, he said it twice - it was grandiose and passionate, but almost like he was trying to convince himself too. Okay I’m going to stop talking now cause if I don’t I’m going to ramble on again. LOL. I should finish drawing this but I suck at completing WIPs adfsdfklkj